ST Micro Unveils the STMicro STHS34PF80: The Next-Gen IR Sensor

ST Microelectronics, a leading name in the electronics industry, has recently introduced its groundbreaking innovation, the STMicro STHS34PF80. This is more than just another sensor in the market. It's a low-power, high-sensitivity infrared (IR) sensor poised to redefine the realm of presence and motion detection. Its unique blend of features and capabilities sets the STMicro STHS34PF80 apart from traditional sensors. Operating at a mere 1.7 volts, it consumes only 10 microamps of power, which is significantly lower than regular Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors.

STMicro STHS34PF80

One of its standout features is its ability to detect motion up to four meters without needing a lens. This offers a broader field of vision than most of its counterparts. Moreover, embedded within this sensor is a smart algorithm for presence and motion detection. This allows the STMicro STHS34PF80 to process data on the spot, eliminating the need for external processing. Users also have the flexibility to customize the data output rate, ensuring it matches their system's speed and power requirements.

How does it compare to traditional PIR sensors?

The primary distinction lies in their detection mechanism. While PIR sensors rely on movement to detect occupancy, the STMicro STHS34PF80 does not. This addresses the common issue many faces with lights turning off unexpectedly in rooms using PIR sensors for light control.


A detailed analysis by CNX Software further highlights the sensor's capabilities. The STMicro STHS34PF80 offers a unique combination of infrared and time-of-flight capabilities. By merging these technologies, designers can achieve unparalleled performance for presence sensors. The infrared component can activate the time-of-flight sensor when human presence is detected, ensuring energy efficiency and precise analysis only when necessary.

For those eager to explore this sensor's potential, evaluation kits are already available from Mouser at $35. The sensor itself is priced at almost seven dollars for a single unit, with costs decreasing for bulk purchases. The CNX Software article provides a comprehensive overview and purchase links for those interested.

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