Formula DT is Changing Plastic Recycling for the Better

Chemical Depolymerisation isn't something we often cover on Electromaker. It isn't easy to understand or even spell, but it's the cornerstone of green plastic recycling. We chatted to Davide Conte at Maker Faire Rome 2022 about Re.P.E.T - a project from Formula DT offering a new approach to recycling plastic.


In short, the patent-pending process uses a chemical agent to break down PET into constituent parts at room temperature and pressure. The only mechanical aspect of the example on show was a stirring rod. The entire process is closed, meaning that all gas output is reabsorbed into a water stream above the reaction chamber to be stored as a chemical waste liquid rather than released into the atmosphere as a gas.

Formula DT is the name of the startup behind the project, and they are currently seeking a patent and funding to take their lab example to an industrial scale. While it's not typical Electromaker material, we couldn't resist this project despite Davide's very patient explanation! You can find out more about Formula DT and Re.P.E.T at the official website [Italian].

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