MikroBUS is coming to SparkFun

SparkFun has announced two new boards as part of a collaboration with MikroElektronika. In an announcement on its official blog, it was also revealed that SparkFun would stock mikroBUS Click boards, along with new products designed for the MIKROE ecosystem.

The two new boards come in the form of an add-on with a mikroBUS Click slot, MicroMod M.2 slot, and a Qwiic connector. This opens MicroMod users up to adding Click boards to any compatible processor. The other new board features Raspberry Pi's wildly popular RP2040 processor, adding Click compatibility to a board with a battery charging system and a MicroSD card slot.

To find out more, head to the SparkFun blog.

Click and Go!

We've loved the mikroBUS Click system for a long time and have been consistently blown away by the massive variation of add-ons out there. While there have always been ways to add mikroBUS Click compatibility to most projects, this will make getting started way easier.

This, along with the amazing line-up of SparkFun dev boards and Qwiic add-ons out there, make it a super exciting time for getting projects off the ground quickly!

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