The MidJourney Beta is Mind-bending Text-to-AI-Art

Recently, we've been getting our minds thoroughly blown by MidJourney, a generative AI-art tool. The idea is similar to other AI image creators that take text prompts - but the results are stunning: The latest artificial intelligence artist makes beautiful, eerie images. #art #artist #drawing #artwork #love #photography #painting #AI #MachineLearning #artificialintelligence ♬ original sound - Electromaker

We also spent a section of a recent Electromaker show talking about MidJourney. You can watch the full show on the Electromaker YouTube Channel, or our vlip here


Following the ever-updating Discord thread is quite the trip, as MidJourney spits out four variations of images based on the text suggestion for what it should 'imagine.'

Once you've received your four images, you get the chance to upscale one image from the grid and create new variations.


Each upscale adds granular details, or simply upscales the original image without adding any new content to it based on user choice


You can decide what MidJourney should do at each stage of its creation process by clicking discord reaction emojis generated with each image.

grumpycat3upscaled once.jpg

MidJourney is far from the only AI doing this at the moment, but it's making a splash, and you can be part of it.


It's definitely the easiest way to generate infinite grumpy cats at the Taj Mahal!


Find out more about MidJourney, including how to join the Beta, on the MidJourney website.

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