Get Into Biohacking With Sparkfun’s Updated MyoWare Muscle Sensor Ecosystem

SparkFun has updated its MyoWare Muscle sensor system to version 2.0. The new lineup includes attachable muscle sensors and a variety of compatibility boards for integrating them with embedded hardware. This includes a multi-channel Arduino shield, a power shield featuring a LiPo battery, and a battery-powered LED readout shield for instant feedback.

As the example video featuring the one-and-only Rob Reynolds shows, they fit perfectly into SparkFun's plug 'n' play system, making them perfect for beginners to both DIY electronics and coding.

Note: Never attach muscle sensors directly to a mains source, even your computer's USB ports when plugged in could kill you!

The new line of sensors also comes with a comprehensive getting started tutorial explaining each sensor and component in detail before giving basic Arduino and Bluetooth examples. The MyoWare 2.0 range is available from SparkFun, though be sure that you are getting the version 2.0 parts!

Biohacking Made Easy

This isn't the first set of muscle sensors you can interface with hobby development boards, but it just might be the most user-friendly so far. SparkFun combines easy-to-use hardware with detailed tutorial content perfect for all levels.

There are a few other options out there, for example, we talked about the Pi EEG HAT on the Electromaker Show a while back, which can turn a Raspberry Pi into a biohacking powerhouse, and Adafruit sells sets of 6 simple muscle sensors if you want a cheap, totally DIY solution.

Either way, biohacking as a form of education, or just a fun way to control your hardware projects, has never been more accessible! 

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