Introducing the nPM1300 EK Evaluation Kit

Nordic Semiconductor has introduced the nPM1300 Evaluation Kit, a powerful tool designed to simplify the evaluation and configuration process of their highly sophisticated Power Management IC (PMIC). With seamless integration and code-free configuration capabilities, this kit empowers developers to harness the full potential of the nPM1300. Today, we will explore the features and benefits of the nPM1300 EK Evaluation Kit and how it can be used in your MCU applications.

Nordic nPM1300 EK

The nPM1300 Evaluation Kit allows for seamless integration with the nPM PowerUP app, accessible through the nRF Connect for Desktop platform. This intuitive GUI allows users to effortlessly configure all settings of the nPM1300 PMIC without the need for manual coding. By simply connecting the Evaluation Kit, developers can evaluate and fine-tune the nPM1300's capabilities, ensuring optimal performance for their applications.

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We also talked about the nPM1300 EK in a recent Electromaker YouTube Show:

The nPM1300 EK Full Specs

As you might expect from a Nordic EK, it is designed to get the most to of the part it is evaluating, and will likely cover the majority of power related scenarios you'd find yourself in!

Download the offical datasheet here.

Key Features of the nPM1300

  • Male pin headers for all pins on the nPM1300 PMIC and battery connectors
  • USB-C for power and data communication
  • Three LEDs and four pushbuttons
  • nPM1300 - highly efficient PMIC with advanced system management features
  • Seamless configuration through nPM PowerUP desktop software

Additional Features of the nPM1300

  • 800 mA battery charger
  • Two 200 mA buck DCDC regulators
  • Two 100 mA Load switches / 50 mA LDOs
  • Hard reset for one or two buttons
  • Fuel gauge
  • System-level watchdog and failed-boot recovery
  • Intelligent power-loss warning
  • Five GPIOs
  • Three LED drivers
  • Controlled via I2C compatible TWI
  • USB-C compatible
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Designed with convenience in mind, the nPM1300 EK Evaluation Kit offers male pin headers that provide easy access to all nPM1300 PMIC connections. This feature facilitates easy integration with other Nordic Development Kits and external test equipment, streamlining the evaluation process. Example code is provided showing how the nPM1300 can be used in tandem with any existing Nordic project, and presumably, all of the configuration you can do with the nPM PowerUP app is available via a host MCU or SoC too.

Additionally, the integrated LEDs and pushbuttons on the Evaluation Kit enable quick and comprehensive evaluation of the built-in LED drivers and GPIOs of the PMIC. This user-friendly design allows developers to assess and optimize the functionality of these crucial components, ensuring seamless integration into their projects.

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Which Battery Should You Choose? Any!

The nPM1300 Evaluation Kit provides JST battery connectors, supporting both batteries with and without internal NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient). This versatility allows developers to evaluate the PMIC's performance with various battery configurations, ensuring compatibility with their specific requirements.

The nPM1300 EK Evaluation Kit from Nordic Semiconductor empowers developers to unlock the full potential of the nPM1300 Power Management IC (PMIC). With its seamless integration and code-free configuration capabilities, this kit simplifies the evaluation and fine-tuning process, ensuring optimal performance for your MCU applications. The male pin headers, integrated LEDs, and push buttons offer ease of use and comprehensive evaluation of the PMIC's features. With versatile battery connectivity options, developers can evaluate the PMIC's performance under different battery configurations. Experience the convenience and power of the nPM1300 EK Evaluation Kit and take your projects to new heights. The nPM 1300 EK costs €59,88 and is available from Mouser. For more information, see the nPM 1300 EK splash page.

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