Build A Clock With Meadow's Onboard Real Time Clock Chip

Build your own clock with an LCD display, a couple of Push Buttons and a Meadow F7 board and its onboard RTC, all using full.NET and C#.

Expanding Io Ports On Meadow With An Mcp23008

Sometimes you run out IO ports on your main prototype board. Meadow works seamlessly with different IO expanders, like an MCP23008.

Make Your Own Tetris Game With Meadow

Learn how easy is to make a Tetris game with a joystick and an LED matrix.

Make An Image Gallery With An St7789 Display And Meadow

Learn how to load and display JPEG videos with Meadow. Foundation's Graphics Library on a TFT SPI ST7789 display.

Make An Edgeasketch With Meadow

Learn how to make your very own EdgeASketch with Meadow using a couple of Rotary encoders and a TFT SPI LCD display.

Control A Ledbar Using A Rotary Encoder With Meadow

Learn how to connect a LED battery bar to a 74HC595 IO expander, and control it using a Rotary encoder, all using Meadow. Foundation.

Build Your Own Memory Game With Meadow

Learn how to build a memory game with an OLED display and a 4x4 push button keypad using Meadow. Foundation and DisplayGraphics Library.

Working With A Touch Keypad And Spi Display Using Meadow

Learn how to use a capacitive touch keypad and display the detected buttons pressed on a ST7789 SPI display all using Meadow. Foundation!

Touchless Musical Hand Wash Timer

Touchless hand wash timer that shows a countdown clock & also plays a rotating selection of 20-second jingles. Add your own jingle easily!

Build Your Own Simon Game with Meadow

Use the power of Meadow to make a compact size Simon game on a half breadboard with LEDs, push buttons, and a piezo speaker.

Two Tone Doorbell Using Ic 555

Saw someone selling a two tone buzzer on Aliexpress for $10. Immediately my brain said, are you serious? Just by investing a little bit of your time and enthusiasm you can make this circuit for under 3 dollars.

Understanding Of Electronic Component 01 : Arduino Uno

Discovery of Arduino lead to understanding in electronic component and even build super cool project! Arduino: Arduino IDE:

Diy Helping Hands Soldering Station

In this tutorial I am going to show how we can make a super flexible helping hands soldering station using basic materials which are low coast and can be found easily in nearby stores. This 4$ helping hands soldering station looks decent and can perform all the tasks that a commercial helping hands soldering station can do.

Control an RGB LED w/ Digital Output or PWM ports in Meadow

Try Meadow.Foundation, a powerful platform to build connected things quickly and easily with Meadow F7 Micro.

Diy Nanoleaf (vrikxa)

Hi, Here is my version on Nanoleaf which I call Vrikxa (Sanskrit for tree). I always wanted to make LED panels by myself but didn't know 3D designing. I am glad that I took a step and learned how to make models in CAD. LINK TO DOWNLOAD model is in the list of materials below. Make sure to report bugs in design.

Parking Assist Stoplight

Park in your garage with perfect consistency! No more hitting the garage door or workbench!

Rapid Iot Kit - Wireless Uart

This tutorial demonstrate the "Wireless UART" functionality on NXP's Rapid IoT prototyping kit.

Smart Blinking Id Card

A smart card with I2C NTag interface.