Fixing Galaga

My Galaga mini arcade cabinet stopped working, so I came up with a Rube Goldberg-esque way to fix it involving robots, Raspberry Pis, etc.

Arduino Nano Esp32 Handheld Gaming Console - It Plays Doom!

Create your handheld gaming console using an Arduino Nano ESP32 and play Doom on the go.

Shake The Dice Using Atom Matrix Esp32

In this Tutorial we are going to make an Electronic Dice that will display a different number every time you shake the Atom Matrix ESP32.

Make Diy Interactive Paper Robot With Hexabitz 🤖👋😊

Make a robot that reacts to gestures by waving its arms in a cheer!

Game Controller Production Based On Arduino Pro Mi

The project aims to develop a game controller using Arduino Pro Mini, a compact and versatile microcontroller board.

Laser Tag Guns With Arduino

If you're a fan of Laser Tag, this project is for you. Combining basic electronics and cheap materials such as cardboard, you too can create Laser Tag guns with Arduinos to play at home with friends and family! The guns feature a cool pump reloading mecanism and a working trigger.

Touch Cam - A Raspberry Pi Camera

Touch Cam - A 3D Printed Raspberry Pi Camera

Reaction Time Party Game

Two players face off to see who has the fastest reaction time. A shot glass full of something nasty is primed and ready to go to the loser. When and LED lights up both players press their buttons and whoever is slower has to take the shot!

Handheld Retro Gaming Console

For this project I took a Raspberry Pi 4, put a case on it and attached a display. I attached this to a mount on top of my Xbox controller. I took rubber bands and attached a power bank to the mount also. I then used Batocera as the OS for the retro gaming system.

Joystick Game Controller Using Arduino Uno

Yes, that's right, we are going to build a joystick game controller for Subway Surfers using an Arduino UNO.

Transformers Pcb Badge

In this tutorial, I am going to show you guys how to design this "Transformers PCB Badge" and how to solder the components to it.

I Made An Alarm Clock That Plays Doom.

Using an arduino, my real alarm clock, and a small screen, I was able to turn my alarm clock into a device that plays doom.

El Plan

Ok so here is the challenge : I have 72 hours to make a autonomous car for the nxp cup. So it’s just me alone and a highly sophisticated card from company with a billion dollar net worth , How hard could it be ? ( very hard)

Xbox Rgb Led 2.0

Upgrading my previous Xbox RGB LED project and also documenting some of the other modifications I made to my now 20+ year old Xbox!

Experimental Pong On A Led-strip

Pong playing on a primitive 17x17 screen made with a 5 m WS2812 LED strip.

Police Lights Using Atom Matrix Esp32

In this tutorial you will see how to make a Police Lights using the ATOM Matrix ESP32. Watch the Video!

Logo Rocket Automated

How to transform a small LEGO rocket toy into an automated, USB-powered wonder that spins smoothly without any manual cranking!


Convert any text into the Simlish language from the game, The Sims; with the power of ChatGPT!