Pet Pot

Pet Pot - A Smart Desk Planter

An Iot Device That Manages Physical Keys For You

Managing physical keys is a commonly occurring problem, mostly in large factories and industries. Our project aims to solve this issue by providing a device that can store your keys while also recording by whom and when the key has been taken. But, why not make a device like this at home? ;)

Project Dionysus: The Cocktail Machine

Project Dionysus was created by the Engineering Dads to solve a bar tenders’ worst nightmare

Touch Cam - A Raspberry Pi Camera

Touch Cam - A 3D Printed Raspberry Pi Camera

Reaction Time Party Game

Two players face off to see who has the fastest reaction time. A shot glass full of something nasty is primed and ready to go to the loser. When and LED lights up both players press their buttons and whoever is slower has to take the shot!

Rfid Security Cat Feeder

I have 2 cats. I need a way to keep the Tabby from eating the Void’s food and I do not want to pay $200-$250 on a microchip security feeder. So what if I use my skills in Arduino control, miniature motors, 3D printing, and 3D drafting to make my own Security Cat Feeder and save money while working on a fun project?

Subscriber Counter That Shoots Fireballs!!

Subscriber counter that shoots Fireballs ever 10 subs.

Arctos - 3d Printed Robotic Arm

Build yourself a robotic arm from scratch.

I Made A Dangerous Hotdog Cooker.

I made an electric hotdog cooker based on electric hotdog cookers from the 70's. The point of the project was to show how unsafe they use to be.

Ai-assisted Pipeline Diagnostics And Inspection W/ Mmwave

Extract data items from a mmWave sensor, train a NN to diagnose pipeline defects, and inspect results w/ deformed pipe images on a web app.

Coffee Fountain

Turning Donations into a Coffee Cup Water Feature

Emo - Your Personal Companion Robot

An open-source personal companion robot

Diy Youtube Subscriber Counter

DIY physical YouTube subscriber counter using a D1 Mini microcontroller and a seven-segment display.

Stepper Motor - Use Encoder To Control Speed & Direction

In this tutorial we will learn how to use encoder to control the speed and direction of the stepper motor Nema 17 using arduino.

Boldly Building My Own Droid: A Journey Inspired By Star War

A DIY Adventure Through Droid Design, 3D Printing, and electrical engineering.

Ficar - Self Driving Robotic Car For Nxp Cup Competition

Race car built with NXP component - K66 board, Pixy2 Camera and XRAY X12'22 chassis.

The Arm Oh My Robot E.m.m.a. Controlled With A Gang

The finger of my arm move with a servo controled by an arduino mega, and the gang works with flex sensors and a accelerometer gyroscope. And all this is powered by two external batteries

Nxp Cup 2023

Project about constructing and making automotive car for NXP CUP 2023, qualification round in Brno. It uses NXP board fmuk66v3 for control, Pixycam v2.1 for sensing racetrack and ultrasonic sensor for sensing obstacles.