Ian Buckley

Ian Buckley is a writer, musician, and perpetual tinkerer. Commonly found surrounded by hobby electrical components, he's also a keen programmer and likes to build crazy-sounding instruments with microcontrollers. In addition to Electromaker, Ian writes over at MakeUseOf and has bylines at the likes of Online Tech Tips as well as Help Desk Geek.

Makerboard Monday: Embest MaaXBoard

Learn all about the MaaXBoard SBC, from its specs to what it can do and whether or not you should buy one. With excellent Android support, it's a solid choice for digital signage projects.

Makerboard Mondays: Electronut Labs Blip

Learn all about the Electronut Labs Blip, from what it is to what it can do, specs, and why you should or shouldn't get one!

Maker Board Monday: Raspberry Pi 4B

The Raspberry Pi 4 isn't the only single-board computer on the market, but it's easily the most popular. Learn all about the Raspberry Pi 4, from specs to what it can do and best Pi 4 projects!

Maker Board Monday: Nvidia Jetson Nano

Learn all about the Nvidia Jetson Nano single-board computer, from specs to what it can do. The Nvidia Jetson Nano is an artificial intelligence-capable SBC.
Maker Board Monday: NCC S1 Neural Network Computing Card - AI Package

Maker Board Monday: NCC S1 Neural Network Computing Card - AI Package

Explore the Seeed Studio NCC S1 neural network computing card AI package, a neural network device that pairs with RK3399-powered single-board computers (SBCs) for at-home artificial intelligence making.

Maker Board Monday: Teensy 4.0

Happy Maker Board Monday! Take a look at the Teensy 4.0, from specs to its capabilities. It's a nifty microcontroller unit (MCU) that's well-documented and powerful.

Maker Board Monday: Atomic Pi x86 SBC

The Atomic Pi is an Intel SBC. This single board computer x86 device is an Intel Atom SBC that's among the best single-board computer options for running Linux or Windows. And it's great as a NAS, for retro gaming, robotics, and more!

Maker Board Monday: Arduino Nano Every

Here's everything you need to know about the Arduino Nano Every, from what it is to whether you should buy it!

Maker Board Monday: Google Coral Dev Board

Is the Google Coral Dev Board right for you? This single-board computer is capable of artificial intelligence applications and edge computing. But should you buy it? Learn more in this Electromaker Maker Board Monday overview with a look at Google Coral Dev Board specs and more!
Midweek Maker Update for May 27th 2020

Midweek Maker Update for May 27th 2020

Welcome to the Mid-week Maker Update, March 27, 2020 edition! This week saw a Raspberry Pi USB boot beta, Citra for Android released, and the megaAI crowdfunding campaign see massive success.

Maker Board Monday: Bela Mini

The Bela Mini, a small-form-factor version of the Bela Cape for the BeagleBone Board, is a neat microcontroller with an audio-focused real-time operating system and tons of sensor I/O!
Midweek Maker Update for May 20th 2020

Midweek Maker Update for May 20th 2020

Check out the latest maker news and updates for the week of May 20, 2020 featuring the release of Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX dev kits, Pine64 PineTab Linux tablet pre-orders, NXP Bluetooth modules, Nintendo Switch shortages, and more!

​Maker Board Monday: ASUS Tinker Edge T

Learn all about the AI-ready ASUS Tinker Edge T, from specs to what it can do. Packing a beefy ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, the ASUS Tinker Edge T can handle artificial intelligence applications and features Google's Edge TPU.
Midweek Maker Update for May 13th 2020

Midweek Maker Update for May 13th 2020

Your weekly roundup of maker and embedded news, featuring the release of the ODROID-Go Advance Black Edition, the UDOO Bolt Gear with an AMD Ryzen embedded V1000 announced, Okdo E1 dev board revealed, and more!