Gesture Controller Gauntlet

This project will create a smart gesture-based interface that allows the user to control the PC for various functions.

Youtube Desktop Notifier

I have made this "YouTube Desktop Notifier" to keep me up-to-date with my channels Subscriber and View Counts.

Hey Alexa, Play Me A Movie!

An Amazon Echo, Netflix and Google Cast integration with a little bit of Android magic and IFTTT help.

Notifications From Your Dryer

Know when your clothes are dry

Sharing The Push Notifications Of Your Hardware

Share the push notifications of your hardware with family or friends

Add Push Notifications To Your Hardware

Use Pushbullet to notify you of whatever your hardware is doing

Garage Commander

Control your garage door from wherever you are.

Pool Temperature Monitor

Know the temperature of your pool anywhere, anytime

Chakra Healing Harmonizer Using Arduino

A step to combine the technology and spiritualism.