How to Disable Windows 10 Login Password

In this video tutorial see how to disable a Windows 10 login password.

Arduino Sound Sensor Module / Sound Sensor with arduino Code

All resource are given here free. Its easy to understand.

Using A Temp Sensor With Arduino TMP36 Temperature Sensor

Arduino was born at Ivrea Interaction Design Institute as an easy tool for fast prototyping aimed at students w/o electronics background.

Arduino And MQ 135 Gas Sensor With Arduino Code

In this project, I have measured the components of air.

Arduino And MQ2 Gas Sensor

The Grove Gas Sensor (MQ2) module is useful for gas leakage detection (home and industry). It is suitable for detecting H2, LPG, CH4 and CO.

Install Arduino IDE on Raspberry Pi

Install the Arduino IDE onto your Raspberry Pi.

Rainfall Measured Using Arduino

Here we measure rainfall.

Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Setup Using Laptop/ PC Desktop

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse.

Raspberry Pi Shutdown / Restart Command

How to shutdown or restart Raspberry Pi.

Update your Raspberry Pi - Raspbian update

How to update your Raspberry Pi, Raspbian update , Updating Your OS/ Overal update (Bangla Tutorial)

Fingerprint ID Nerf Gun

Inspired by the Biometric ID gun from Skyfall, this will check that I am the one using the Nerf Gun by using fingerprint technology.

Remote Control An Rgb Led Via Netduino And Xamarin!

Get familiar with Maple, a RESTful web server running on network capable Netduinos and control a rainbow LED remotely with a Xamarin app!

Mouser Football Scoreboard

This easy to build, Arduino powered, football scoreboard provides you with a fantastic way to keep track of the score of your favourite team.

Automatic Hotspot For Your Raspberry Pi Using Iot Bit

For this instructable, we will set up an automatic hotspot using the Raspberry Pi and other minicomputers. Heres a list of the computers which are compatible: Raspberry Pi 1-2-3, Raspberry Pi Zero, Asus Tinkerboard Rock 64, Orange P Samsung Artiks Eagleye

IR Remote Hacking and Automation

Hello guys,From my childhood itself I was wondering about the TV remote controller and how does it work.This instructable tells the story how I managed to decode/hack an old remote controller and used it for home automation.This instructable contains different parts as follows: Decoding the remote. Application 1. Application 2. Application 3.

Setup Of Iot Bit On Your Mini Computers With Ubuntu Mate

Our intelligent HAT module provides your Raspberry Pi with mobile data, GPS positioning information and battery support. This is the perfect module for hackers, scientists, and creators as it gives your Pi powerful connectivity wherever you are.

Show Rainbow Colors With An Rgb Led And Netduino

Learn how you can control a RGB LED with Netduino. Foundation, a powerful platform to build connected things quickly and easily with NETMF.

Diy - Automatic Garage Light

In this tutorial, I am going to turn on and off the garage light using a PIR sensor and LDR.