Raspberry Pi Zero + Repetier Server

Made by Austin Detzel

About the project

Pi Zero is crazy tiny and it works well for low-er use CPU programs like the Repetier-Server.

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Estimated time:

1 hour


26th June 2018

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Raspberry Pi Zero W Starter Pack x 1


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If you managed to get a Pi Zero then you have noticed it is crazy tiny and it works well for low-er use CPU programs, one of which is Repetier-Server. Repetier-Server is a bridge between you Repetier-Firmware controlled 3D Printer and your web browser. The setup is easy; you will need the fallowing to get started:

1) Raspberry Pi Zero

2) OTG USB HUB or OTG adapter and USB HUB

3) Power cable

4) USB Ethernet or WiFi adapter

5) SD card with Raspbian image

Step 1: Open Putty (or any other SSH client) and connect to your Pi



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Enter the fallowing commands to install the server:

1) wget -O repetier_armel.deb
2) sudo dpkg -i repetier_armel.deb
3) sudo service RepetierServer start

It's done!

Step 2: Open Server and your done!



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The server address will be by default '[ipaddress]:3344'.

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