Store And Graph Ec/ph/orp Data With The Tick Stack And Nocan

This will go over how to use the NoCAN Platform by Omzlo and uFire sensors to measure EC, pH and ORP with graphs by the TICK stack.

Intelligent Home Burglar Alarm

BT Mesh is used to link all sensors together. Each sensor board has a switch input and PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor. Optionally a microphone. More than one sensor has to give a trigger before the alarm goes off to reduce false alarms.

Lightsaber - Guide

A low cost, mostly 3D printed and collapsible lightsaber. A 3 watt RGB LED allows for a choice between red, green and blue shafts and the collapsible nature of the shaft makes it easy to store and transport.

Control Insteon Lights Wirelessly Using Motion Detection!

This project will use the EZ-BT Bluetooth Mesh Development Kit with one board located in each room to monitor. The motion sensor detects when someone enters the room and turns on the light. After motion is not detected for a defined period, the lights automatically turn off.

Banana Pi Bpi-r2 Open Source Smart Router With Mtk

The Banana Pi R2 is a router based development board, which can run on a variety of open source operating systems including OpenWrt, Android


Farmers spend endless hours of driving to their field to check on their crops and manually operate the irrigation systems. This is time and labour intense with significant costs to the farmers and sub-optimal use of expensive resources. By using IoT to deliver unobtrusive easy to use and highly reliable systems for precision monitoring and control of irrigation. So, we are going to make an IoT hardware named “Agri-Stick” which is going to measure the four Agri parameters including Soil Temperature, Soil Moisture, Atmospheric Temperature and Atmospheric Humidity. These values are going to be updated in the AWS cloud through LoRa technology with Raspberry Pi as single channel LoRa gateway. These values can be monitored in real time from both web browser and mobile phone. It enables growers to make decision based on in-field data. Thus, it saves the time and money for farmers and improve yield and crop quality. By extending the sensors in the Agri-Stick and analysing the data with proper methods, we can use it for measuring soil nutrition, pest detection, and crop planning, spraying pesticides, irrigation and harvesting crops. It prevents over and under watering, reduces crop diseases, confirms water delivery as planned, automate tasks that had been done manually, water savings, labour savings and re-allocation to higher value activities.

Seeed Studio – Ice Tower Cpu Cooling Fan

Testing the Seeed Studio – ICE Tower CPU Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi 4! How well does it cool the toasty new single-board computer??

Making Art By Judging Reddit

Is the Raspberry Pi 4 powerful enough to judge Reddit? This project is all about answering the important questions.

Simon Says Game - 3d Printable | Arduino Nano | Diy Project

Print, assemble and program your own Simon Says game. How much of the randomly generated colour pattern can you memorise and repeat back? Not sure, then why not make one and find out. With an Arduino Nano at its core this project also incorporates an OLED screen, passive buzzer and some big bright buttons.

Corporate Companion

The ultimate business accessory, a robot companion for all your corporate needs. Including inspirational quotes and buzzwords!

Freezing A Raspberry Pi 4

It's summer time; so it's time to cool the new Raspberry Pi 4 in a crazy way!

Four Pies

We give you a quick overview and build a project to welcome the Raspberry Pi 4 to the world!

Integration Of Surilli Basic M0 With Mq135 And 16x2 Lcd

Air quality monitoring with MQ135 sensor and Surilli Basic M0 and then observing the values on your LCD.

Exercise Machine Controlled Video

In this video I show you how to rig up a cross trainer or other exercise machine to play or pause video depending on whether is it used or not. It uses Puck.js's Bluetooth LE HID capability.

Controlling Bluetooth Lights With Puck.js

Control most types of Bluetooth lightbulb using Puck.js.

3d Printed Camshaft Text Display Using Evive

The DIY camshaft home decor with animated text display is one easy DIY Project you can make using some 3D printing, evive (Arduino), DC Motor...

Diy Wifi Controlled Tiny Plane

Have you ever dream about building

Follow Me Light

use wifi singnal make light can auto on/off when you near it or leave.