Arduino Halloween Party

Learn how to quickly make a Arduino Halloween Party project using Neopixels LED Ring and Arduino. Watch the Video!

Raspberry Pi Pico Audio Record, Play, Wav File

This project has been designed to be a very simple and easy to understand, audio recording and playback system. Using a Raspberry Pi Pico and C programming language. It has the added facility to also save WAV formatted files, which can be played directly on Linux, Windows & Mac OS.

Eurocircuits Pcb Design Competition Entry: Vidor Expansion

This board is used to get access to the FPGA I/O from the PCI-e edge connector on the Arduino Vidor 4000 board. Some of these signals are fed into three stereo 16-bit DACs to give 5.1 or 6 channels of audio. This board plus a Vidor 4000 will make an extremely versatile electronic musical. instrument.

Stereo System & Spectrum Analyzer Using The Nordic Audio Dk

This project showcases the bi-channel BLE Audio spectrum visualization by making a DIY Stereo using nRF5340 Audio Development Kits

An 'electrified' Guitar (tazer Guitar)

When playing with this Guitar, if you miss a note you get shocked.

Wip Rpi-based Midi Sequencer & Controller

Once finished, a fully portable MIDI sequencer & controller. Use it stand-alone or connect it to any MIDI-enabled device. Program beats and use it as your loopable drum machine or program songs and have it play alongside you (or by itself). Code & schematics are open source.

Easy Arduino Volume Mixer For Your Pc

The idea is to have complete volume control at your finger tips and bypass the unintuitive windows volume mixer. It’s very simple to do and is limited only, by the amount of Arduino inputs. Take control over your master, Spotify, chrome, or any other program/game you’d like. As to where you place it that’s up to you.

Prang: A "midi Score Sampler"

Prang is a prototype for a musician's friend I am creating that allows you to store premade sequences and spit them out to your performance on demand. This way, you can add backing tracks to your performances. With it you can trigger tracks from type 2 MIDI files to add to your recording or performance.

Upgrading Wired Headphones To Wireless Headphones For $2!

Upgrade your existing wired headphones to make them wireless headphones! By modifying the casing on both sides of the headphones, it is possible to both add a wireless audio capability as well as touch controls to make the project truly wireless.

Juuke - A Rfid Music Player For Elderly And Kids

The Juuke Box works by using RFID cards to play specific songs from an SD card. You could also play the songs randomly using the green button, or play and pause with the red button. This way, it is really simple for everyone to play music.

Modding A Pac-man Retro Light With Arduino

I'm modding nice Retro Pacman Light with an Arduino Nano to improve its functionality and effects including sound to light.

Cheshire Cat Apartment Building - Halloween Light Show

I turned my apartment building into a GIANT CHESHIRE CAT for Halloween, with an animated light show timed to music, all with Free and Open Source Software, and equipment I already owned!

The Complete Lo-fi Planets

A lo-fi presentation of all seven movements of Holst's Planets Suite using 8-bit microcontrollers.

Volume Indicator Neopixel Ws2812 Led Ring And Arduino

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a Volume Indicator using a Neopixel Ws2812 LED Ring and arduino. Watch the Video!

Arduino Mp3 Player

In this tutorial we will learn how to play a mp3 song using arduino an the DF PLAYER MINI module. Watch the Video!

Play Frequency Tones Using A Simple Keyboard And Arduino

In this tutorial we will learn how to play a diferent frequency tones with the Arduino. Watch the Video!

Raspberry Pi Tic-tac-toe Game With Hexabitz Sound Effects

This tutorial will help you play and create Tic-Tac-Toe, a very renowned game we have all got our hands on since our childhood.

Jamstack – Portable Music Synthesizer

JAMSTACK is an expressive digital music synthesizer and groove box. Sit down and dive deep into the wonderful world of sounds.