Plant Watering Alarm System With Arduino

Made by ioarvanit

About the project

A device that warns us with light sound and a sign when our plant needs water.

Project info



Estimated time:

2 hours


20th August 2018

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Alkaline AA battery 4 pack x 1
Jumper Wire Kit x 1
Resistor Network - 10K Ohm (6-pin bussed) x 2
Tiny Breadboard x 1
RedBot Buzzer Buzzer x 1
Tiny Breadboard x 1
SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor x 1
Arduino Uno - R3 x 1

Software app and online services

Arduino IDE

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Soldering iron (generic) x 1
Hot glue gun (generic) x 1


A device that warns us with light sound and a sign when our plan needs water. The project was made by the students of the “Little Hackers” evening club of the Experimental Elementary School of Florina. The device contains a moisture sensor, a servo motor a led light and a buzzer. 

The moisture sensor is placed the plant pot and continuesly reads the moisture values. When that values fall under a certain limit the device warns us by:

  • Blinking the led light
  • Sending a beeping sound from the buzzer
  • Turning the small sign so that the “No water” sketch is shown

The final project was presented along with other projects from students of all schools of Florina at the 7th Students Festival for Digital Creations




Plant water alarm code - arduino

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