Convex Optimization

About the project

An autonomous 1/10 scale car created for the NXP cup, as an entry of team convex optimization.


NXP 2020/2021 Logbook

This year, we will be starting off easy. We invested in the DFRobot Brush kit on The modifications made to the car this year are minimal. We have simply changed the servo and added 6-phase hall effect sensors for more accurate readings of speed.


  • Car make : DFRobot
  • Size : Wheel base is 17.2cm, car length is 32.5cm, and tire diameter is 64mm
  • Motor : 2 brushed motors, no ESC
  • Camera : Pixy2
  • Halleffect sensor : Custom, simply 6 equidistant magnets around the driving gear and a sensor
  • Board : We are using the ARC board (FRDM 64.. sdk). Schematics
  • Steering Servo : Power HD LW-25MG

Bill of Material

The Bill of Material is quite basic. Here is the break down:

- DFRobot kit : 139 euros

- PowerHD servo : 34 euros

=====TOTAL====== 173 euros.



The new code base is under a Team-Convex-Optimization organization. We were not ready to release this this year, but keep your eyes peeled for next year ;)


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