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NXP Cup Electromaker Innovation Challenge 2021

We were thrilled to once again partner with our good friends over at NXP for the Electromaker Innovation Challenge! 2021 saw a slew of impressive projects. As such, it was tough narrowing down the pool of participants to a mere three winners. To all of the contest entrants, thank you for your support, and you’re all winners from our perspective.

But without further ado, the NXP Cup 2021 Electromaker Innovation Challenge winners…

1st place - JECC: We were wowed by Team Jecc’s trawlerbot which boasted an innovative design with many imaginative touches such as a unique 3D printed chassis. Bonus points for using GitHub for open-sourcing this incredible NXP Cup vehicle for other makers to tinker with. Built-from the ground up, we liked the extremely ambitious, well-executed, and fantastically documented project.

2nd place - Model M: The Model M is a fantastic autonomous vehicle. In particular, the Model M makes great use of a Teensy board paired with ultrasonic sensors. Its ingenious design work showcases true maker originality. Props for great use of a Pixy2 CMUcam5 line-following camera, and for rewriting the code for the Pixy2.

3rd place - Fast and Furious: And sliding in at third place is Fast and Furious with the Gustl. This cool car sports 3D printed components and clever development based around the LPCXpresso54628 board. Kudos to Fast and Furious for rewriting the ESC electronic controller documentation themselves.

Project Entries


We build our own differentially driven NXP-Cup platform based on a 3D-printed chassis. We also developed our own control electronics around the FRDM-KL25z board.

Model M

Bulding a Autonomous Car


nxp cup

Gvb West

We are creating an autonomous vehicle that can drive along an unknown track, changing speeds and stops when it is told to.

Totally Speed

Totally Speed is a french team from the engineering school INSA Toulouse! Our project this year, as fourth-year automation and electronics students, is to develop and improve a superfast autonomous car. See you on the racing circuit at the NXP Cup in 2021!

Deodates - Autonomous Rover

A modified RC car for autonomous operations

Innovation Challenge Details

The Electromaker Innovation Challenge is giving NXP Cup competitors the opportunity to win some awesome cash prizes by showing the world how they built their robot cars! We want you to show us the build process from start to finish using images, video, diagrams, and of course descriptive text.

Once you have submitted your project writeup to us, we will then pick the top 3 most innovative robots to win a cash prize. Submissions will be judged on project creativity, project documentation, and project completeness (more info on judging can be found here).

To get started, all you have to do is register for an Electromaker account using your team name. Once you have started planning your project, log into your account and start documenting what your team is doing. We are even giving away 250 Euros to a selected team at random that creates an account and makes a start on their project before 31st December, 2020!

Prize List

The prize list

Want to take part? We’ve got some sweet cash prizes on the line! One lucky winner will be selected at random for the Early Bird 250 prize for registering and getting started on a project before 31st December.

Then, 1st prize will be 1,000 Euros. 2nd prize clocks in at 500 Euros. And sliding in at 3rd prize is a cool 250 Euros.

Base Kits

Mouser Electronics has compiled a list of components which you can use to build a basic NXP Cup autonomous vehicle. Please select one of the base kits below for more information.

Photo of Brushed motors

Brushed motors

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Photo of Brushless motors

Brushless motors

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Add-on components

Want to take your robot car to the next level? Add some of the components below to your Mouser shopping cart and turn your base kit into something really innovative

Photo of Parallax camera

Parallax camera

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Photo of Car Chassis

Car Chassis

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Photo of PX4 Robotic Drone FMU

PX4 Robotic Drone FMU

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Photo of Pixy 2 CMUcam5 Image Sensor

Pixy 2 CMUcam5 Image Sensor

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Photo of FRDM-GD3000EVB


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NXP Cup details

THIS IS THE NXP CUP! Your gateway to program and race a model car around a track for precision and speed. The NXP Cup is open to students and robotics clubs in the EMEA region. The overall goal of the NXP CUP is to make and race pro-level autonomous cars at a low-cost, optimize the hardware and software to complete the track in the fastest time, and showcase your skills in the precision task to earn extra points.

Registrations are open until the 11th of December 2020.

More info here

Innovator Challenge benefits & milestones

Want to take part?

Early bird prize: €250 - Show us that you have started your project before 31st December and we will select a project at random to be awarded a €250 cash prize! Simply upload the basic details of your project (min 150 words or 2 min video) for a chance to win.

First prize: €1,000 Cash Prize
Second prize: €500 Cash Prize
Third prize: €250 Cash Prize

Contest timeline


Submissions deadline: 30th April 2021

Winners Announced: 20th May 2021

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