NXP Cup Electromaker Innovation Challenge 2021

NXP Cup 'Electromaker Innovator Challenge' Judging

All entries will be judged by Electromaker staff. Criteria considered during the judging process will include but not be limited to:

Project creativity

We will be looking for the most innovative cars. This means the use of new technologies such as Lidar or integration of multi-sensor usage such as sensor fusion e.g - accelerometer, magnetometer, hall-sensors etc. The more technology used to build your car will increase its chances of winning a prize.

The use of 3D printing will also get the judges attention. You could use 3D printing technology to print specific parts for your car or maybe the entire chassis. Perhaps you could print a camera mount to improve camera positioning or even a mini mascot driver to sit in the driving seat!

Integration of multiple computing elements (MCU and/or MPU) to distribute the tasks for vehicle automation will win you points.

Give your car the visual WOW factor. Instead of submitting a ‘bare-bones’ car why not give it some character by dressing it up a little? Could you integrate your team or university logo to the body of your car? How about some cool Neopixels to light up the track and get the audience's attention!

Project documentation

Show us step by step how you built your project from start to finish using hi-res images, screenshots, video and text. A guide on how to create a project write-up can be found here.

Project completeness

Fully working and finished projects will be judged higher than incomplete projects, however, incomplete projects can still be entered. You will score more points if you include the following:

BOM - list all of your components, apps and tools.
Code - well structured, commented code will be looked on fondly by our judges.
Schematics - Circuit diagrams that clearly show your project works will score you points. Attachments - Any other attachments to support your project such as 3D printing files.


Submissions deadline: 30th April 2021

Winners Announced: 20th May 2021

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