RocketLife LED Light Effects Designer Software for Animating LEDs

While maker projects vary, when LEDs are involved, it's highly enjoyable. RocketLife, Inc. offers its Light Effects Designer software. Aimed at the do-it-yourself (DIY) crowd, RocketLife's software allows for animation groups in a string of LEDs. Through combining hardware and software, RocketLife makes it so that anyone can create custom LED light shows and signs without any programming. 

Light Effects Designer Software by RocketLife

When creating a project with RocketLife, first take a picture of the artwork you'd like to use. Then, measure it for the dimensions of your sign. Using RocketLife's Light Effects Designer software, you may essentially map out your LEDs visually. Next, you can use its Light Effects Designer software to group LEDs. Now, you can control their colors and effects accordingly.

It's a neat hardware and software option. Lighting and effects handle within RocketLife software, and communicate with the maker board via Bluetooth. As demonstrated at maker Faire with a "Fresh beer to go" sign, the only cable running to the snazzy sign is a power cord. 

What's neat is seeing RocketLife Light Effects Designer software working on the fly. It's ridiculously simple to map out LED strings, then group them into various sections by dragging them around to make animations. In eschewing coding or programming, Light Effects Designer is an intuitive maker project. With its functionality, this may be used for personal or professional use. A custom sign for a home office or a business logo for a commercial space are both fantastic applications of RocketLife Light Effects Designer hardware and software.

Easy, Intuitive LED Mapping and Custom Sign Creation 

While it's easy to use, RocketLife's platform still provides an opportunity to learn about software and hardware. But it's simple enough for virtually anyone to use, and the dragging interface specifically is ideal for new makers, or anyone seeking a streamlined way to create an LED animated visual display. 

For more fun LED projects, try making your own LED backlit movie poster using an Arduino and Neopixels. Or a large 4096 LED display for retro pixel art. Alternately, get your Flava Flav on with an app-controlled LED matrix wearable. 

What LED maker projects are you working on?

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