Pine64 Rockpro64 Announced: RockPro64 Specs, Release, and More

While the Raspberry Pi might rank as the most well-known single-board computer (SBC), loads of Raspberry Pi competitors exist. Notably, the Odroid XU4 is a worthy Raspberry Pi alternative. From Pine64 comes the RockPro64. It’s a brawny SBC which packs a performance punch and stellar specs. Learn more about the Pine64 RockPro64 specs, release, and more!

Pine64 RockPro64 Specs

The RockPro64 boasts a superb spec sheet. At its core, there’s a Rockchip RK3399 Hexa-core dual ARM Cortex A72 and quad-core ARM Cortex A53 64-bit processor. Plus, there’s a MALI T-860 quad-core GPU. It’s available with either 2GB or 4GB of DDR4, and there’s a PCIe x4 slot.

As for connectivity, you’ll find a USB 4.0 type C host, one USB 3.0 type A host, and two USB 2.0 ports. There’s Gigabit Ethernet and a PI-2 GPIO bus. For outputting video, there’s an HDMI 2.0.

Pine64 RockPro64 Specs:

  • Rockchip RK3399 Hexa-Core (dual ARM Cortex A72 and quad ARM Cortex A53) 64-Bit Processor and MALI T-860 Quad-Core GPU
  • 2GB or 4GB RAM
  • PI-2 GPIO bus
  • HDMI 2.0
  • PCIe x4

Pine64 RockPro64 Release

The ultra-powerful single-board computer is slated for a June 2018 release. It’s available on sites such as Ameridroid for pre-order. What sets this SBC apart is its incredible affordability and aggressive pricing. The RockPro64 price starts at $60 for the 2GB variant. Upgrading to the 4GB iteration merely slides the cost to $80. That’s super reasonable for a single-board computer this powerful. Yet, it’s still in the early stages of development, so Pine64 RockPro64 release adopters should be developers and hardcore tinkerers rather than beginners.

RockPro64 Price:M

  • $60 for 2GB model
  • $80 for 4GB model

While the Pine64 RockPro64 might not be the first SBC featuring an RK3399 SoC, it’s easily the most competitively priced, with many boards retailing for $200 or more. Therefore, the Pine64 RockPro64 is a top choice as a single-board computer and potential Raspberry Pi killer.

Your turn: Which SBCs are you using, and will you be adopting the RockPro64?

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