Lite 3DP Gen 2 is a Mini Resin Printer with Big Ambition

On the Electromaker Show we see a lot of cool crowd-funding projects, but every now and again, something sticks out for being both inventive and out of the ordinary all at the same time.

This was definitely true of Lite 3DP, a tiny resin printer for tiny resing prints. It was a successful Crowd Supply campaign, and now the creators are back with generation 2 of what may be the smallest resin printer you can buy:

The size of this printer may make it seem like a less serious option than its larger cousins, but there are some real advantages to a scaled-down printer. You waste less resin per print, and the entire printer uses a lot less power - 7 Watts, to be precise, which is 14x less than the maximum output of some large printers.

Another benefit of the smaller footprint is easily creating custom enclosures. If you wanted to enclose the Lite 3DP Gen 2 on your desk, you could design your own enclosure and print it on a full-size FDM printer or send it off to a printing service. 

At the end of the day, Lite 3DP Gen 2 will definitely toe the line between novelty and actual usefulness for many Makers, but we love the concept of miniature workshop machinery! Bring on the Mini-Lathes!

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