Elephant Robotics Arduino-Powered Robotic Arm Is a One Arm Maker Army

Elephant Robotics, the creators of the MyCobot Raspberry Pi powered robot we reviewed last year, are back with another robotic arm. The UltraArm P340 is Arduino compatible and features three different attachment ports for different use cases. There are accessories for laser engraving, grabbing, and drawing, along with a number of different ways to interact with the arm - from visual programming to ROS2 and Python code.

ultraArm robotic arm

We take a look at the robot arm, through an article on CNX Software, on this week's show:

It looks like a pretty compelling robot arm and one that works in a fundamentally different way than the MyCobot Pi. There, the whole idea was that the computational power was on board, and the robot was a completely independent unit. This time around, the onboard Arduino-compatible ATMega2560 requires a connection from a host computer to receive instructions.

It seems likely that the chip is running something similar to a Firmata sketch, making it an interesting prospect for hackers and those looking to learn some Kinematics from scratch! That said, Elephant Robotics also offers two different visual block-based programming options, ROS2 robot operating system, a Python library for simplifying movements, and the myStudio software for firmware updates and support.

Given my previous experience with Elephant Robotics products, I imagine the UltraArm P340 will be a great robot arm for learners and enthusiasts alike! Find out more, including how to preorder, at the Elephant Robotics Webshop

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