Zork On Esp32 With Vga, Ps2 And Sd

The 80's are back in text.....

Distance Measurement Using Python & Tk Gui Tools

This project uses an ultrasonic sensor to indicate the distance of any object from it.

Handwriting Recognition

This IMU-equipped pen is trained to recognize handwritten numbers

Ambient Light Sensor With Arduino

We need to sense intensity of light in many of our IoT/home automation projects. Here I explain a simple implementation of ambient sensor.

Control Your Arduino Ble Device Using Smartphone

This explains how to control devices using BLE and smartphones.

Battery Powered Wifi Button To Control Hue Lights

This project demonstrates how to build a battery powered IoT Wi-Fi button in less than 10 min. The button controls HUE lights over IFTTT.

Diy Rgb Tube Lights

RGB Tube Lights made using Arduino Nano and WS2812B LEDs.

World's Slimmest Neopixel Led Matrix

This is a 8x8 WS2812b NeoPixel LED matrix that is completely flat surface and has the same 1.6mm height as a normal PCB

Analogmax Daq-1, Openvino And Neural Stick 2

This is a companion robot capable of analyzing heart signals, using artificial intelligence, Openvino, AnalogMAX DAQ1 and Neural Stick 2 as embedded AI tools in a companion robot for the detection of cardiac anomalies

Uv-c Based Germs Disinfecting Machine

A touch-free germs disinfecting device that can disinfect anything from masks, wallets to mobile phones, killing maximum germs using UV-C.

Build An Fm Radio Player With Meadow

Learn how to make an FM radio with a TEA5767 radio module, push buttons and a I2C OLED display, all using Meadow. Foundation.

Control A Servo With A Push Button Using Meadow

Learn how to control a servo using a push button with just a few lines of code using a Meadow F7 Micro board and Meadow. Foundation library.

Roll An Led Dice With A Push Button Using Meadow

Learn how to make an LED dice and you can roll it pressing a push button using a Meadow F7 Micro and Meadow. Foundation driver library.

Expanding Io Ports Of A Meadow With A 74hc595

Running out of ports on your Meadow? Learn how to use a 74HC595 IO Expander to connect more things using Meadow.Foundation.

Build A Clock With Meadow's Onboard Real Time Clock Chip

Build your own clock with an LCD display, a couple of Push Buttons and a Meadow F7 board and its onboard RTC, all using full.NET and C#.

Build Your Own Simon Game with Meadow

Use the power of Meadow to make a compact size Simon game on a half breadboard with LEDs, push buttons, and a piezo speaker.

Weather Simulating Desk Plant

A Weather Station Which simulate the real-time weather of your location by changing the colors of the showpiece.

Diy Hand Wash Reminder

Hand Wash Reminder is a Hand Band which reminds you to wash your hands after every 20 minutes.