Ai-driven Interactive Lab Assistant W/ Opencv & Chatgpt

In remote learning, provide insightful guidance on lab equipment as auto-generated lessons via object detection and artificial intelligence.

Easy! Ultrasonic Sensor Hc-sr04 With Arduino Uno R4

In this tutorial we will learn how to use Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 to display the obstacle distance on the Arduino UNO R4 display.

Diy Smart Bubble Machine

A bubble machine that can be controlled remotely for a home assistant, And also through my live stream chat.

Ultrasonic Sensor With Home Assistant

Will guide you to integrate the UltraSonic sensor with Home Assistant.

Alternative Wii Controller

Mario Kart Wii is a great game, but the controls are awkward. So, I built an alternative controller to play the game with a D-pad.

How To Make A Diy Cnc Laser Engraver At Home

Hi, In this project I will show you how to Make a DIY CNC Laser Engraver, Are you a fan of engraving?

How To Make Diy Music Reactive Rgb Led Ring (ws2812b)

In this tutorial we are going to make music reactive lights with Arduino Nano ESP32 board with Neopixels LED ring & microphone using Visuino

Robot Arms For Accessibility

Revamping a robot arm design & writing fresh, multiplatform code to give it as much functionality as possible for use in disabled travel.

How To Make Rgb Bluetooth Speaker With Powerful Bass Speaker

Hi, in this project I made my very own Bluetooth speaker, Hold on! not just a Bluetooth speaker but it' a RGB version with bass speakers, Yo

Visual Gesture Controlled Iot Car

Remember the opening scene of movie 'Project Almanac'? Controlling a drone with hand? Make it yourself, and to simplify, let's control a CAR

DIY Bubble Machine Using Raspberry Pi Pico 🫧

The project aims to create a soap bubble machine using a perforated plastic disc attached to a DC motor and a fan.

How To Make Arduino Gesture Control Robot At Home

Hi readers, welcome back to another interesting project, in this project, I will show you How To Make an Arduino Gesture Control Robot

Hack A Laser Tag Toy Into A Smart Home Sidekick!

Ill show you how to replace the brains of a laser tag toy to make a universal remote! All of the electronics still work without toy!

Arduino DC Motor Running for a Specific Time

In this tutorial we will learn how to rotate a DC motor for a certain time period and then with a push of a button repeat it again.

Arduino Dc Motor Running For A Specific Time

In this tutorial we will learn how to rotate a DC motor for a certain time period and then with a push of a button repeat it again.

How To Control Stepper Motor With Joystick Using Arduino

In this simple tutorial we will learn how to control a 4-wire stepper motor with a joystick using Arduino. Watch the Video!

Beagleplay + Nodered

Use NodeRed to make a UI dashboard visual of your output!

Beagleplay + Qwiic Capacitive Touch Slider

Use Python on BeaglePlay to use Qwiic Capacitive Touch Slider and print the output.