Nxp Cup Bcjm Arcar 2

About the project

Logbook of our autonomous car for the NXP Cup 2023.

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Servo BMS-210DMH Servo BMS-210DMH x 1
Motor Hacker Skalar 10 13.5T Motor Hacker Skalar 10 13.5T Ref 71213500 x 1
NXP Cup Mainboard (V2.0 HE-Arc) NXP Cup Mainboard (V2.0 HE-Arc) MCU MK64FN1MOVll12, 2 Potentiometers, 1 Dilswitch, 2 Push Buttons, Led Driver, Gyroscope FXAS21002C, Accelerometer FXOS8700CQ, ... x 1
NXP Cup SPI Camera (V1.0 HE-Arc) NXP Cup SPI Camera (V1.0 HE-Arc) x 2
Infrared LED Lightning Panel (V1.0 HE-Arc) Infrared LED Lightning Panel (V1.0 HE-Arc) x 1
Speed Sensor AS5047D-ATSM (Hall Effect) Speed Sensor AS5047D-ATSM (Hall Effect) x 1
Adafruit LiDAR VL6180X Adafruit LiDAR VL6180X x 1
LiPo Battery 3S 3000mAh LiPo Battery 3S 3000mAh x 1
Self made 3D printed custom chassis Self made 3D printed custom chassis x 1
Wifi Module Wifi Module For communication with a desktop monitoring and debug purpose x 1
ESC Hacker Tensoric 10 ESC Hacker Tensoric 10 With 6V 3A output to power the servo x 1

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Software apps and online services

MCUXpresso MCUXpresso Used to develop and program the mainboard
Custom Java monitoring Custom Java monitoring Used to plot car sensors data

Hand tools and fabrication machines

3D Printer Creality CR10S-Pro 3D Printer Creality CR10S-Pro x 1


NXP organizes the "EMEA’s pro-level autonomous model car competition" every year, wherein participants must navigate a previously unknown course. This project pertains to the 2022-2023 competition.

Our team constructed a car almost entirely from scratch, utilizing a board designed by HE-ARC as its foundation. We utilized Fusion 360 to design the car and then 3D-printed certain components with carbon fiber filament. Carbon fiber rods were also incorporated into the structure to enhance rigidity while keeping weight at a minimum. Our design prioritized a low center of gravity. The car is powered by a powerful brushless motor and utilizes top-quality rear and shafts. Most of the mechanical parts were self-manufactured. The car boasts four-wheel drive, ensuring excellent grip and acceleration/braking capabilities.

The project progressed in several steps. Initially, we focused on understanding and working with the board, testing it by driving the car in a straight line.

Subsequently, we incorporated a camera to detect lines.

The third step involved detecting stop lines, followed by driving around a simple track such as a roundabout.

The forth step involved navigating a cross section, with the fifth step entailing driving the car on a track we could find on the day of the competition.

In the sixth step, we identified and detected obstacles for bonus points.

Finally, we optimized our code to improve the car's speed while driving.

Short video of the car during mechanical development:

CAD, enclosures and custom parts

Fusion 360 Repository

Complete CAD of the car

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NXP CUP Code for the ARCAR2


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