System76 Prepares for New Open-source Desktop Launch

System76 might not be the only Linux PC manufacturer on the market, but it's certainly one, if not the, top Linux PC companies around. Offering pre-built Linux laptops, servers, and desktops, System76 made the foray into the operating system space with its Pop!_OS, an Ubuntu derivative which concentrates on makers and do-it-yourself (DIY) fanatics. However, System76 isn't just providing a customized Linux distro. Now, the Denver, Colorado-based company prepares to launch a set of open-source desktops.

Thelio Animates System76 Open-source Desktop Launch

Journey to Thelio - Prologue from Freehive on Vimeo.

Stay updated on Linux, maker projects, and open-source tech here at! What better way to announce a product launch than with storytelling and a spaceship launch. While the final hardware has yet to be announced, forthcoming System76 desktops are open-source and feature optimized airflow, open hardware, and a chassis molded by CEO Carl Richell. 

To gear up for its open-source desktop announcement, System76 provides a series of four animated videos, released weekly. These reveal design updates hidden inside a game element of the narrative. You'll find two characters in the four-part video series: there's Zoe, the Pop!_OS bot, and an engineer, Tenzen.

In each of the four shorts, Tenzen and Zoe visit worlds which show the opposite of open-source. Therefore, these videos not only offer insight into the forthcoming slew of open-source desktops System76 is poised to offer, but also an exploration of the value of open-source community. Check out the first video and stay tuned for more, as well as pre-orders starting in October 2018!

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