HACK Morecambe: an Open Lab for Makers and Experimenters

Set to kick off on September 8th 2018, and planned to run for seven days, HACK Morecambe is an open lab with the aim of establishing a creative platform in the West End of the Lancashire seaside town.

Aiming to attract makers and experimenters in art, architecture, IoT, blockchain, data visualization, renewable tech, VR, design, streaming media, connectivity, music, and performance, HACK Morecambe intends to redefine a physical location. Morecambe will become, in effect, an interface for experimentation in the arts and technology.

This is due to the approach of “place as interface” which “reconsiders locations as conceptual topologies allowing for iterative and open experimentation. The idea attempts to juxtapose processes more typical to tech and creative development into real-world geographies.”

While the preliminary event will have the aim of establishing an ongoing strategy and partnerships, long-term HACK Morecambe intends to support projects that might provide insight into scalable solutions, or highlight social issues that can be tackled and resolved in multiple locations.

Several items have already been added to the programme, ranging from fashion and street poetry to artists, performers, and other installations.

Makers and experimenters are encouraged to get involved, and send contact details, project outlines and specific requirements to info@hackmorecambe.com. Project suggestions include:

  • Reimagined branding for Morecambe’s West End
  • Collaborative networking initiatives
  • Analytics for social and creative impact
  • Wind, sea and geographic utilisation for renewable tech
  • Experimental lighting initiatives
  • Remixing the past, present and future

Despite the slightly oblique wording, there seems to be an avenue for all manner of electronics projects at HACK Morecambe. The ambition and scope of the event is impressive, so if you’re able to get involved, sign up! Full details can be found at hackmorecambe.com.

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