Made by Mike Rigsby

About the project

This is a 3d zoetrope with a ghost/pumpkin animation.

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Estimated time:

1 day


15th September 2018

Items used in this project

Hardware components

FQP30n06l mosfet transistor x 1
1n4004 diode x 1
12 volt led light tape x 1
12 volt dc 3 amp power supply x 1
Bipolar stepper motor x 1
Arduino Motor Shield x 1
Arduino Uno x 1


This is a 3d zoetrope with a ghost/pumpkin animation.


I saw a post on hackaday about 4-mation and I decided to try and create my own device.

Of course the "flashing bars" don't appear in real life. An Arduino with a motor shield is used to control a bipolar stepper motor and led light strings. The twelve inch diameter turntable rotates at about 60 rpm (one revolution per second). The turntable is divided into 20 sections and a ghost/pumpkin is placed on each section. The led's are "flashed" every 1/20 of a second to provide the illusion of movement.

Project Logs

Log 1

Wire according to this schematic.

Install the sketch (included in the files on hackaday.io).

Print two each of ghosts 3 through 9. Print three of ghosts 2 and 10. Arrange them in order on the wheel.

The pumpkin part of the ghost/pumpkin came from Makie's Jack-O-Lantern on thingiverse.

Plug it in (in a somewhat dark room) and watch the magic of animation.


Mike Rigsby

I am an author and electrical engineer.

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