Disinfectant Bot

About the project

Have you ever wanted to be cleaned after a cough. Well let me intrduce the Disinfectant Bot.

Project info

Difficulty: Moderate

Platforms: ArduinoPython

Estimated time: 2 hours

License: GNU General Public License, version 3 or later (GPL3+)

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Relay Relay x 1
Arduino Arduino x 1
Servo Servo x 1
Butt load of wires Butt load of wires x 1
led(optional) led(optional) x 1
Disinfectant spray can Disinfectant spray can x 1
9v battery(optional) 9v battery(optional) x 1
Hardware 9V Battery Clip Hardware 9V Battery Clip x 1

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Software apps and online services

Arduino IDE Arduino IDE
Visual studio Visual studio Or something for writing python code on

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Scissors Scissors x 1
Hot glue Hot glue x 1


First off I made a video about this project if you want to see me demonstrate it and talk about the hardware a bit more:

Oh yea sorry in advance if this is hard to follow this is like the first time I'm using this website(which is kind of cool) so hope you have fun:)

For this project I first installed standardfirmata on my Arduino so I could use python on it. Basically just got to the examples in the Arduino IDE and look for firmata then standardfirmata and download it. I then started putting together the spraying part of the whole build. You can check the vid for where I put everything on disinfectant can(this sounds weird typing). For the pin on the Arduino I plugged the servo signal pin in pin 13 and if you want a Led plug it into pin 12. If you are using a led that requires more than 5v make sure to use a relay and connect it to pin 12 like before. Make sure to have all ground and 5v pins plugged into the Arduino. You can really organize the electronics how every you want whether you want it on or off the can just make sure the servo can press on the spray can properly. Now for the fun part...

THE CODE WOOOO he said sarcastically.

For this part make sure to have the speech recognition, pyaudio, and pyfirmata modules installed on your computer. There are videos that will show you how to install them sadly I don't remember the one I watched so uhm have fun. I should have the code on this whole thing linked so if you want you can look over that. The code looks for the word cough and will activate the spray. uhm I'm not the best at explaining things specifically so uhm if you want just copy the code or look it over.

That is it now you can make this amazing device(or trashy). But I hoped you enjoyed this horrible explanation of my invention and as always stay trashy:)


The code

Where it shows the files you can use what ever sound you want just make sure that it is a wav file.


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Hey I make inventions that as my name suggests are trash :)


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