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About the project

Based on Blockly and BlocklyDuino, here's a multilingual enhanced version with supervision, upload, multi-level blocks, etc.

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Hardware components

Genuino Uno Rev3 Genuino Uno Rev3 x 1

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The purpose is to permit 'Scratch-block' programming for Arduino card, with many features needed for kids in school & newbies.

Everyone knows Scratch and the way it made easy the program learning for every child in the world. The next step was to use it to control material and that's why the extension possibilities were great: LeapMotion, Arduino, Wii, Picaxe, etc.

But extension use is 'only connected' real time programming, so the 'Graal' was to find a software which permits blocks programming and code generating. I found BlocklyDuino but it was left unworked for months. After contacting its creator David Li I decided to create my own fork.

After few months, with help, I created a totally new version from the original Blockly new version: Blockly@rduino.

Video resume

What you can do

Choose card and language:

Choose between on line upload (thanks to Codebender plugin) or offline upload (thanks to Blockly@rduino-communication):

Communicate with card in real time to test input/ouput, thanks to FirmataPlus from Alan Yorinks wonderful work:

Choose between different level of difficulty for your student, and have a specific list of blocks:

Choose if you use or not in a list of blocks, always growing:

Drag'n'drop block to program:

See Arduino code updating in real time:

Edit Arduino code, save it, paste it to local IDE:

Or use Codebender plugin to upload:

And communicate by serial port:

Choose in a list of example:

Create your own example:

Choose not only card, but specific 'kit' prepared with specific categories of block and prepared pinout for student:

And many graphic enhancements! And many more yet to come, like enhancing accessibility.


github for Blockly@rduino

Github repository


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