Ac Voltmeter Using Arduino

About the project

We are going to create an AC Voltage Measuring Device using Arduino, which will estimate the voltage of Alternating Current.

Project info

Difficulty: Moderate

Platforms: Arduino

Estimated time: 1 hour

License: GNU General Public License, version 3 or later (GPL3+)

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Resistor Network - 10k Ohm (6-pin Bussed) Resistor Network - 10k Ohm (6-pin Bussed) x 1
Resistor 10k Ohm 1/4 Watt Pth - 20 Pk Resistor 10k Ohm 1/4 Watt Pth - 20 Pk x 1
Arduino Mkrfox 1200 Arduino Mkrfox 1200 x 1
Diode Rectifier - 1a 400v (1n4004) Diode Rectifier - 1a 400v (1n4004) x 1
Transformer Transformer x 1
Zener Single Diode, 5.1 V Zener Single Diode, 5.1 V x 1
Capacitor 1 µF Capacitor 1 µF x 1

Software apps and online services

Arduino IDE Arduino IDE


Circuit Diagram

Do the circuit connections as shown in the above circuit diagram.

Working of Project

1. Step down voltage is obtained on the l.v side of the transformer which is fit to utilize across normal power rating resistors.

2. Then we receive specific voltage value across the 4.7k resistor.

3. Arduino utilizes this voltage as input from pin A0 in the form of analog values between 0 to 1023. 0 is considered as 0 volt and 1023 being 5v.

4. Arduino then changes this analog value into corresponding mains a.c. voltage by a formula.

n=(311/1023)*m volts or n=(m*.304177)

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