Push Notification For Doorbells

Get push notification for your doorbell on your smartphone! Never again will you miss a ring on your wired doorbell, leaving your visitor waiting outside the door. See more on: https://sites.google.com/view/alexs-projects

3d Printed Arduino Halloween Décor

In this Spooktacular video I am going to create an Arduino based 3D printed Halloween Décor. It's super easy, fun and spooky.

The Arm Oh My Robot E.m.m.a. Controlled With A Gang

The finger of my arm move with a servo controled by an arduino mega, and the gang works with flex sensors and a accelerometer gyroscope. And all this is powered by two external batteries

Halloween Shield

The night before a Halloween party I thought - wouldn't it be cool to add a sound-responsive element to my costume?

How To Use The Tm1637 Digit Display With Arduino

In this tutorial, I am going to show you guys how to control the TM1637 4-Digit 7-Segment displays using an Arduino.

4 Digits 7 Segments Ca Display Module With 74hc595

This 4 digit seven segment display module is controlled using 74HC595 Shift Register. The module uses a single standard common anode display.

Led Matrix Display Panel

This is a light panel made of 5x8 type LED matrices, which can be used together with an Arduino platform for example to display text, data from sensors or other messages we want. LED matrices are recovered from broken electronic boards.

Arduino Lcd Menu With Storing Values To Eeprom

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a Menu with buttons and a rotary encoder to set andstore values. Watch the Video!

The R0m4 Quad-barrel Air Cannon

You've seen air cannons as t-shirt launchers, potato guns, and more. Step your launcher game up with an Arduino Nano and rapid-fire action!

Arduino Christmas Village

I created this small Christmas Village for my little monster