Running A Chatgpt-like Llm On The Raspberry Pi 5

Discover how to run an advanced ChatGPT-Like large language models on the Raspberry Pi 5

Diy Whack A Mole Game With Lvgl And Esp32 Terminal Display

Discover the fascinating world of game development as we guide you through the process of crafting an engaging Whack-a-Mole game. In this hands-on project, we'll harness the power of the Elecrow ESP32 terminal display and tap into the creativity of the LVGL graphics library.

Build Your Smart-home Voice Assistant With Esp32 Terminal

This DIY Alexa Project with ESP32 offers a straightforward and accessible guide, providing comprehensive instructions for creating and configuring your very own intelligent voice assistant for your smart home.

Create An Automated Trash Can With Raspberry Pi Pico

This project is a trash can designed to accompany you wherever you go. It harnesses the power of two key components: the Raspberry Pi Pico and Arduino. If you're seeking a solution to streamline your waste management process, I'm confident you'll find this project quite appealing.

Diy Digital Desk Clock With Elecrow Esp32 Screen

ESP32 Display can do a sea of projects. Today I wanna share a desktop clock project which automatically updates time and weather information. Using Elecrow’s ESP32 display to build your own IoT projects!

Make Your Mobile Phone Using Elecrow Esp32 Terminal Screen

Embark on an exciting DIY adventure with our mobile phone project, where we'll guide you through the process of crafting a functional phone call feature using the Elecrow ESP32 terminal screen and a 4G module, complete with a simulated mobile user interface.

Build Rainbow Interactive Bridge Using Minecraft Raspberrypi

There are many projects you can do in the Minecraft world with the ras pi but it wasn’t enough, we were looking for something challenging