The Studio Headset: A New Era Of Vr

About the project

An affordable headset that requires no PC is just what can launch VR into a new decade of development and enhancement.

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Estimated time:

1 week


12th August 2019

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Infrared LEDs

This is what the Camera Tracks

x 2
1 Infrared tracking camera from DFRobot x 1
Wire and Male connectors

Male connectors are required to connect the camera and board

x 1
1 Cypress Evaluation Low-Power BLE board x 1
A pair of gloves x 1
2 CR2032 Batteries x 1
A VR Headset, like the Gear VR or any phone holding headset. Could be 3D printed x 1

Software app and online services

Modus Toolbox

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Scissors x 1
Wire Cutters x 1


Virtual Reality was once thought to be a piece of technology that would radically change almost every aspect of our lives; however, nearly a decade after major VR systems were introduced to the market, there has been little change. The slow progress can be attributed to the large cost of running one of these systems. The new Oculus S is 400 dollars and that does not include the computer that is needed to run it. These computers range from 700 dollars and up. Oculus has tried to offset the price by releasing the Oculus quests. A headset that requires no computer and is completely wireless. However, the Quest system is still 400 dollars. There are many headsets that you can get out there for as little as 5 dollars, but these are flimsy and are basically just phone holders. The idea is to combine the cheapness of one of these phone headsets and combine it with the industrial-standard of an Oculus rift tracking system. For the judges, I know this will hurt my chances but I have to be honest,THIS IS NOT A FINISHED PROJECT Watch the attached video for more info! Here is a link to the video if the one attached doesn't work. 



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