Gyroscope With Arduino 101

Made by Jeff Par

About the project

Learn how to read Gyroscope Sensor on Arduino 101 and show tilt status on LED.

Project info


Estimated time:

1 hour


29th January 2019

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Tiny Breadboard x 4
Resistor Network - 10K Ohm (6-pin bussed) x 4
Tiny Breadboard x 1
Genuino Uno Rev3 x 1

Software app and online services

Arduino IDE


Learn how to read Gyroscope Sensor on Arduino 101 and show tilt status on LED.

Arduino 101 is good for IOT starters. Having the Intel® Curie™ Module, designed to integrate the core's low power-consumption and high performance with the Arduino's ease-of-use, Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities and on-board 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope, this board will provide exciting opportunities for building creative projects in the connected world.

More information about the technical specifications and documentation can be found on the Arduino/Genuino 101 main page.

Build Circuit



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Lets build our circuit!

  • Connect Arduino 101 pin GND (ground) to one of the bread board pins. I picked the upper left pin.
  • Connect 3 resistor on the same column of the GND jumper wire
  • Add 3 LEDs each negative pin is connected to the other end of its resistor
  • Grab 3 jumper wire
  • Connect 1st LED's positive pin to Digita Pin ~9
  • Connect 2nd LED's positive pin to Digita Pin ~6
  • Connect 3d LED's positive pin to Digita Pin ~5

Our circuit must be look like the images above.

Program the Arduino 101

Plug in your Arduino 101.



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Download GyroscopeSensor.ino source code and upload it.

Arduino 101 has Intel Curie Module that uses Arduino api CurieIMU.h We can read the accelerometer and gyroscope using this function.

CurieIMU.readMotionSensor(ax, ay, az, gx, gy, gz);

The axis variables are used as parameter and will be referenced by the api to update the values.

Finally get the brightness of led using the formula and update the LED

    gxBrightness = gx/66.66;   
analogWrite(gxLed,gxBrightness);   // show gyroscope's X Axis brightness
     gyBrightness = gy/66.66;
analogWrite(gyLed,gyBrightness); // show gyroscope's Y Axis brightness
     gzBrightness = gz/66.66;   
analogWrite(gzLed,gzBrightness); // show gyroscope's Z Axis brightness





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