Covid-19 Nfc Mask Detector

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About the project

Made a COVID-19 NFC Mask Detector, to ensure everyone who enters and exits the office to wearing a face mask.

Project info

Difficulty: Easy

Platforms: Arduino

Estimated time: 1 hour

License: GNU General Public License, version 3 or later (GPL3+)


Due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, the office building strictly controls the entry and exit of staff. Everyone should wear a face mask and measure body temperature to enter.

During the COVID-19 period, Makerfans provide free face masks to employees, but some people don't always wear masks. That's why I made this project.

The staff must wear the NFC masks specially customized by Makerfabs, which cannot be accessed by outsiders. And we made a mask detector. If you wear an NFC mask, the door of the office building can be opened automatically. You can enter and exit freely, otherwise, if you don't, you will not be able to enter.

Step 1: Project Supplies



  • Arduino IDE

Download link:

Step 2: Wire Connect

L298N module -- Maduino Zero NFC

  • ENA -- D4 (GPIO4)
  • IN1 -- D5 (GPIO5)
  • IN2 -- D6 (GPIO6)

The electromagnetic lock is connected to L298N OUT2.

Step 3: Customized NFC Masks

Makerfabs customized the NFC masks, nails sized NFC stickers attached, which supply free to employees.

Step 4: Install the NFC Mask Detector

The Maduino Zero NFC module is fixed on the door, and the NFC antenna is attached to the side of the door to detect whether the staff is wearing a mask.

Step 5: Testing

Staff wearing masks near the door, the instrument detecting if he/she is wearing a mask, if yes, the door opens automatically. (Also a few seconds later, the door will automatically close.)

As my friend said: "NFC-enabled masks is a fun idea! It serves the purpose of being an effective reminder without being overly complex or privacy-invasive."

If you have other fun ideas, let me know!

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