Electronic Salty-flavor Enhancer

This project uses very low currents the run onto your tongue, to enhance the salt flavor of food. Based the device by Hōmei Miyashita.

Orderez: Self-service Ordering System For Cafes

Empowering customers to scan QR codes at their tables and seamlessly place orders.

Project Dionysus: The Cocktail Machine

Project Dionysus was created by the Engineering Dads to solve a bar tenders’ worst nightmare

Reaction Time Party Game

Two players face off to see who has the fastest reaction time. A shot glass full of something nasty is primed and ready to go to the loser. When and LED lights up both players press their buttons and whoever is slower has to take the shot!

I Made A Dangerous Hotdog Cooker.

I made an electric hotdog cooker based on electric hotdog cookers from the 70's. The point of the project was to show how unsafe they use to be.

Handheld Retro Gaming Console

For this project I took a Raspberry Pi 4, put a case on it and attached a display. I attached this to a mount on top of my Xbox controller. I took rubber bands and attached a power bank to the mount also. I then used Batocera as the OS for the retro gaming system.

Automated 3d Printed Pet Feeder

Everybody who has a pet know, how hard is to solve the feeding when we aren't at home. We also had this problem. We are going back to our hometown, on every weekend, but we can't bring our cat with us everytime. We leave there some food and drink for him, but he eat it on the first day. So here came that idea.

Iot Ai-driven Yogurt Processing & Texture Prediction | Blynk

Collect environmental factors and culture amount while producing yogurt. Then, run a neural network model via Blynk to predict its texture.

Valentines Day Romance Bot

What's more romantic than having a robot pour wine for you? Lots of things? Fair enough, it's still kind of fun all the same.

Beer Brewery – Powered By A Raspberry-pi

Man invented beer. About 7000 years later I invented this brewery powered by a Raspberry-pi. If you are looking to build your own brewery, upgrade your existing one or just interested in the topic I hope this project can give you some insight and spark your tinkering-flame.

Arduino Root Beer Float Robot

With the press of one button, fully automate the root beer float making process. From dispensing the cup, to extruding the ice-cream and pumping the root beer, there is no work required!

Jägermachine -iot Shot Pouring Machine Powered By A Rasppi 3

The JägerMachine is an IoT shot pouring machine powered by a Raspberry Pi 3B+. It features a full GUI and once paired with it's own Gmail account, the JägerMachine waits for emails containing a secret user defined subject line and a custom message that gets displayed on the screen. Once an email is received a shot is poured.

Real-time Food Quality Prediction

Detect spoiled products using the Tiny Machine Learning approach.

Thingy The Toast Master

In this project, I have shown how to use Thingy:91 with Edge Impulse to toast your bread perfectly.

Over-fermented Fruit Fermentation Using Wio Terminal

Monitoring over-fermented fruits by using WIO Terminal and Multichannel Gas Sensor, connected to Qubitro Cloud through MQTT.

Arduino Mkr 1400 Gsm Connecting To Mqtt Alibaba Cloud

This project to show how MKR 1400 GSM could be connected to Alibaba IoT Platform

Arduino Mkr1010 And Alibaba Cloud Iot By Using Grove Sensor

This project shows grove gas sensor V2 and Grove - AMG8833 8x8 Infrared Thermal Temperature of seeed studio integrated with arduino mkr1010.

Diy Breathalyzer

Make a DIY rechargeable alcohol detector your own.