Zippidy Zap - The Two-way Bug Zapper

About the project

Give bugs a fighting chance with this two-way bug zapper.

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Bug zapper Bug zapper x 1
Googly Eyes Googly Eyes x 1
Pipe Cleaner Pipe Cleaner x 1

Hand tools and fabrication machines

glue glue x 1
Soldering iron (generic) Soldering iron (generic) x 1
Multitool, Screwdriver Multitool, Screwdriver x 1
Solder Wire, Lead Free Solder Wire, Lead Free x 1
Tape, Duct Tape, Duct x 1



Below a quick overview of the content.

  • Introduction and Showcase Video
  • Rewiring the Zapper
  • Personality
  • Result

Introduction and Showcase Video

Summer means heat, fun and of course, insects. To deal with these pesky critters there's one weapon to rule them all, the bug zapper! This project aims not to improve it, but to gives it's victims a fighting chance, let me introduce to you: the two way bug zapper!

Rewiring the Zapper

To get things started we first of all need to screw open our zapper.

Intact electronics

Now how does it work?The two batteries are connected to our component, with a button in between. This means the transformer only receives power when the button is pressed.

Once pressed the current flows to the transformer where the voltage is increased, this makes sure you get a nice and strong zap.

Next stop is the three metal meshes in the racket. Normally their's space between each mesh, but when a insect occupies the space between, the circuit is completed and the bug is no more.

Our plan is to add another circuit, one that works the same, but with the person operating the racket as the target. To get this working we first of all need to attach our own (red and black) wires to the component.

These wires lead to the handle, were two aluminium strips function as our plus and minus.

The strips work the same as the mesh part of the zapper. Normally the circuit is not completed, so no current can flow. When you touch both strip and press the button, current flows, and you start cursing.


With all the functional steps done we can move on to the personality. Adding some googly eyes is a good start.


Because this project will cause a lot of pain, adding eyebrows for an extra evil expression feels fitting.

Grumpy zapper


That's it, we're all done! Now you can try zapping some bugs and yourself, see below for our experience so far.

The Zapper Dance

The Zapper Dance

The Zapper Dance


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