Two Mycobot Dancing To Say Goodbye To 2021 And Welcome 2022

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This article provides the Python script of myCobot movements.

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Elephant Robotics myCobot 280 M5Stack 2023 Elephant Robotics myCobot 280 M5Stack 2023


2021 is over! We compare two myCobot as 2021 and 2022, and let them dance along with the music. Here is the video.

The myCobot of 2021 will wave slightly at the beginning of the music and finally "die" before the music enters climax. After the 2021 is dead, 2022 myCobot rises and starts to dance with the rhythm of the music.

We write 2 Python codings for them and you can easily follow our script and let your myCobot dance the same as ours! (May you can make 2 myCobot dance into 1 myCobot dance)

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2022 myCobot rises and dances

2021 myCobot wave and die


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