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About the project

A program that grabs data from your favourite Python APIs and displays it in a nealy formatted image. Perfect for infoboards or home dashboards.

Project info

Difficulty: Easy

Platforms: LinuxPython

Estimated time: 1 hour

License: GNU General Public License, version 3 or later (GPL3+)

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Raspberry Pi Zero W Raspberry Pi Zero W Any Python-capable computer is supported. I've personally built my setup on a Pi Zero W. x 1

Software apps and online services

Python Python


Welcome to the Project SmartFrane! This program is designed to grab your favourite data from all over the internet (weather, Smarthome/IoT, Spotify, Chromecast, etc) and display it in a neatly formatted image.

You can use SmartFrame to send data to displays like a digital photo frame, and any other internet-connected device with a display that is capable of running Python. See it in action here!

Please note that while this project is functional, it is still a work in progress. More features and plugins are being worked on daily!

If you are interested in making a plugin, check out the plugin development GitHub wiki page. If you find any bugs, have suggested changes, or developed a plugin, feel free to make a pull request on GitHub or contact us via any of the methods listed below.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project! Huge shoutouts to:

If you'd like to contribute, come hang out in the #smartframe-dev and #nerdery channels on my Discord!

If you want to see my other projects, check out my other GitHub repos or YouTube channel. You can also find me on Instagram @RaddedMC!

To get started, check out the project wiki for setup instructions, plugin configuration, and examples!


GitHub -- clone the code to set up your own here!


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