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About the project

Now, handling your Battery is Hassle-free and reliable. So, instead of punching the papers, let's punch the Power to our custom projects.

Items used in this project

Hardware components

PCB PCB Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components x 1

Software apps and online services

Altium Altium

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Soldering Iron Soldering Iron x 1
Hot Plate Reflow setup Hot Plate Reflow setup x 1


Power breakout board for your Battery related projects. Charge the battery, and use the battery easily & safely with a simple switch setup.



This is a petite integrated lithium-ion battery manager with Over Charge, Over Discharge, and Short Circuit protection.

The board is designed in compact dimensions and aesthetic look of the Black Soldermask + ENIG Surface finish variant.

Why Power Punch?

Because we want that Power can be punched on your projects easily and effectively. As the board comes with edge half castellated holes, the user can simply solder the board like any IC on their development boards. The library will be out shortly for the popular PCB designing software.

Why did we design it?

Designed by MakerPals and SciFi_Labs

We as a maker frequently work with multiple voltages and we all love the popular Lithium-Ion Cells/Batteries. We work with Microcontrollers (Eg: ESP MCUs) that work on 3.3v and some popular development boards like Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino UNO, Arduino Nano, etc. Some discrete projects need 1.8V and some projects need 12V as the power supply. 

We face the challenge of varying the voltage and sometimes we consider alternate boards for alternate voltages. A popular boost module on MT3608 acts friendly for us but it uses a potentiometer to vary the voltage, then we have to hot glue the pot and use it with a fixed voltage.

To solve this dilemma, We thought of modifying the electronics and making them precise with the popular voltage outputs only. We decided to use the most modern tech on this project with core components. 

How did we start?

Our work started in March 2022, We browsed the web for all the information. Researched multiple MCUs, Maker problems, and datasheets. Finally, we were able to get a good design with the most common setup because most of the ICs were not available in the market and if it was, the cost couldn't be challenged.

Moving towards PCB Design, we used the popular Altium Designer and Lion Circuits for PCB Fabrication.

PCB Quality and Feeback

We love giving the credits to all those who helped us in this project or in some way contribute to this build. 

Lion Circuits - A trusted Indian PCB Manufacturer was able to help us once again with the PCB challenge.

The PCBs were fabrication in Black Soldermask with ENIG Surface Finish. The pricing was decent for 20 pieces at $80 with Shipping. 

The quality of the board is absolutely rich following all the ISO standards. 

We recommend choosing Lion Circuits for your PCB projects. 


  • Multiple Voltage Output gives the user, the freedom to power multiple components.
  • Over Battery Charge, Over Battery Discharge, and Short Circuit Protection to the electronics.
  • Completely Hand Soldered here in India
  • 2A of Output current
  • Battery (LGDAS31865) Charging time of 2hrs and Discharge times of 3.5hrs for 12V 0.2A load.
  • Multiple LED Indication for Battery charging, discharging, and 3.3V modes.
  • Switch between 5v and 12v
  • Compact size and edge castellations make it reliable to solder on your custom-designed PCBs. 
  • JST Connector for Li-Po Batteries

How can you get it?

The Board can be purchased from the Tindie store below. A special perk of Free delivery + 10% Discount and Free Merchandise is live.


We hope that you would love this offering. We encourage you to get this board and use it in your projects. Tag us in the project, and we will share the perks. :)

We hope that we solved the problem today.

Till then, have a happy build. 

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