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Thanks to its big suction cup, you can attach the Neozoon lamp to almost any surface within a matter of seconds and remove it just as fast, totally residue free. Neozoon is powered by a rechargeable battery to provide its user with a maximum of freedom and flexibility. One lamp, endless possebilies!


Neozoon is a battery powered, rechargeable, mobile light. Thanks to its big suction cup, Neozoon can be attached to almost any surface within a matter of seconds and is removed just as fast. You can attach it to a wall, the ceiling, a flowerpot or a closet, but it looks best on a window or mirrors, where it seems to be levitating. 

Furthermore, Neozoon can be dimmed steplessly and its top of the class LEDs provide light in daylight quality. Its integrated battery can be recharged via USB-C and has enough power for up to 240 hours of light.

Neozoon also aims to inspire and emancipate its user to interact in a creative, straightforward way with her environment and to illuminate her home in playful ways.

Neozoon is made locally in Germany, which helps guarantee a high-end quality plus environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing. It is sustainably engineered using the cradle-to-cradle approach and is almost 100% recyclable.

One important aspect of Neozoons Cradle to Cradle design is that the PCB is split into three separate boards. One holds the microcontroller, the charging IC and all other non-mechanical, long living components. The other two boards have only the mechanical one/off button and the LEDs (components with a limited lifetime) on them. The three boards are connected via board-to-board connectors, so that in case the LEDs or the push button stops working, the lamp can be repaired by the manufacturer in an effortless way and far less electro waste is produced. The rechargeable battery is connected to the PCBs via a plug-in conector, too.

This separation of different components on different boards and their plug-in connections help to reduce waste, increase the lifetime of the product and even make parts of it reusable in new ones.


Photo of Neozoon


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