“mobile Video-phone Door Bell” For Home Automation

About the project

Provides property-owner video-phone call reception via app on mobile wherever he is. Totally wireless, with10-years battery autonomy,may be applied to any property even where there is no national grid and enables, by pressing of a single button, communication, via sw in the cloud, with the owner.Provides recording/playback store

Project info

Difficulty: Moderate

Platforms: Android

Estimated time: 6 weeks

License: GNU General Public License, version 3 or later (GPL3+)

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Raspberry Pi zero W Raspberry Pi zero W with Wii wireless connectivity x 1
Raspberry Pi Official Camera Module V2 8Mp Raspberry Pi Official Camera Module V2 8Mp To provide video camera facility x 1


 “mobile video-phone door-bell” for home automation,  activated externally by ‘ringing’ (auctioning push-button), and (video-)call is automatically received on suitable app on his mobile phone by the property-holder (either locally or remotely),  practically wherever the property-owner is (even if he is abroad).  Moreover, the door-bell device may be considered to be ‘mobile’ in the sense that it can be moved around (dislocated) in different places around the property (indoor or outdoor) , or even from one property to another, provided it is within reach of a suitable Wifi signal, which assures  the wireless connectivity between the device and the software logic in the cloud which manages the device and interfaces with the application logic of the receiving app, ,  and provided  that it is located in a suitable place where it is sufficiently sheltered from external agents  such as atmospheric or vandalistic phenomena, and also protected from tampering and pilfering by passers-by or external users of the device (ie visitors who use the door-bell push-button).

The app on the property owner’s mobile not only allows ‘answering’ of the door-bell in video or sound only mode or both, but also the making of recording of the signal (video/sound of both) that it receives from the device placed outside the property. It may record only what happens outside the property (ie the calling party) or also, on a split screen, also the ‘answering’ party (the property owner) engaged in the call. The recording may be played back at any time, or forwarded by e-mail to whoever may be deemed to be interested, at the property-owner’s discretion.


Block Diagram of solution

Schematics, diagrams and documents

mobile video-phone door-bell for home automation

Schematics: The necessary schematic for wiring the door-bell push button to the Raspberry Pi zero W. The impluse triggers into action the necessary software to enable the reception via, WiFi wireless communication, of the video-phone call made by the "ringer", its transmission to the Cloud, and fthe susequent orwarding of the call to the mobile app on the proprty-owner's mobile phone.


mobile video-phone door-bell

The solution is built on the code described in the github link below


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