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About the project

use wifi singnal make light can auto on/off when you near it or leave.

Project info




Estimated time:

2 days


21st May 2019

Items used in this project

Hardware components

AVR-IOT WG Evaluation Board x 1
LinkIt 7697 x 1
Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 1000mAh x 2
LED - Basic Red 3mm x 1
Resistor 330 Ohm 1/6th Watt PTH x 2
Transistor NPN (2N3904) x 1

Software app and online services

arduino ide

Hand tools and fabrication machines

soldering iron x 1


*This is using Wi-fi version. The BLE version has proposed on the other web site. Most of this article is the same as BLE version*


I was lying in bed exhausted, I found that the lights were still on, but I didn't bother to get up and switch it.

I walked into the dark room and the lights were off. I have to find the switch in dark.

Hence I wanna have a wireless switch that can help me turn on/off light.

Hardware and Software

Microchip AVR-IoT WG Development Board as remote switch use OOB demo firmware.

Linkit 7697 control LED lamp. Firmware program by Arduino IDE. 

First, let AVR-IoT WG into Wi-Fi AP mode (hold SW0 when power on). Then Linkit 7697 work as Wi-Fi client keeps scan AP. Once it finds AVR-IoT WG and RSSI is big enough. 7697 turn on the LED lamp. While AVR-IoT WG turns off Wi-Fi AP off or leaves the room 7697 turns off the lamp.


Since Linkit 7697 is 3V3 device and IO drive current not enough, need transistor of MOS circuit to switch LED.

Operation video


Simple Sch



use hardware link 7697

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