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The Pi+Pi+Pi+Pi+Pi+Pi project is a personal challenge to communicate between 6 raspberry pis using different communication methods

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Hardware components

Raspberry Pi Pico Raspberry Pi Pico x 2
Raspberry Pi Zero Raspberry Pi Zero x 1
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Raspberry Pi 3 Model B x 3

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Are you someone who enjoys experimenting with new projects and discovering what's possible? If so, then you'll love the story I have to share with you!

Recently, I embarked on a wild challenge to see how many Raspberry Pis I could connect in a chain, and what kind of communication methods I could use to pass messages between them. This challenge soon became a personal mission to control three LEDs (red, blue, and green) at the end of the chain from a web-based terminal running on the first Raspberry Pi.

I made a video for this project if you prefer those:

Pi 1: The First Step

To start things off, I made the first Raspberry Pi host a webpage with a text field. Whatever text was put into that field would be saved to a two-way text file and displayed on a different page hosted on the same Pi.

Pi 2: The Web Scraper

Next up was the second Raspberry Pi. I programmed a web scraper to go to the display page of Raspberry Pi 1 and print out whatever was displayed. The message was then passed over to the third Raspberry Pi with a serial connection.

Pi 3: The Serial Connection

The third Raspberry Pi grabbed the message from the serial connection and sent it over a socket connection to the fourth Raspberry Pi. I tried a few different communication methods between these two Pis, but they weren't reliable enough, so I settled on using sockets.

Pi 4: The Reverse Method

I set up a web page on the fifth Pi (a Pico W), to which the fourth Raspberry Pi would go and put the message at the end of the URL. I realized this was like using a method I had used before, but backwards. But hey, this was my challenge, so I make the rules!

Pi 5: The Final Stretch

We were getting close! The final stretch was from Raspberry Pi Pico to Raspberry Pi Pico. For this, I decided on using a UART connection for the final hop.

Pi 6: Success!

And with a little bit of filtering, I was able to pass the message on to some logic that allowed me to turn the LEDs on and off individually depending on the message received. It was truly a remarkable accomplishment, and I couldn't be happier with the results.


That was quite the journey, but it was totally worth it. I learned so much about different communication methods and the limitations of different hardware setups. And hey, who knows what kind of crazy project I'll come up with next?

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