How To Connect Bh1750 With The Raspberry Pi Pico/pico W

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Learn how to measure ambient light for smart lighting control using the Raspberry Pi Pico and the BH1750 Light Intensity Module

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Hardware components

ShillehTek 400 Point Breadboard ShillehTek 400 Point Breadboard x 1
ShillehTek Jumper Wires ShillehTek Jumper Wires x 1
ShillehTek Pre-Soldered BH1750 ShillehTek Pre-Soldered BH1750 x 1


Discover the power of the BH1750 sensor and Raspberry Pi Pico W by learning to measure ambient light in lux using MicroPython. While often overlooked, this sensor is a versatile tool for creating intelligent lighting solutions. Mastering the BH1750 is essential for beginners, as it opens up a world of exciting DIY projects and inspiring tutorial possibilities.

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