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ESPlay Micro is a retro game console, this is a project first shared on Hackaday: You can go there to get all the codes and files on it.ESPlay Micro is a handheld game console based on ESP32, it is a small game console could play on NES, or other systems, like Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Sega Master System, etc. ESPlay Micro also supports Arduino, and Micro Python.

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Hardware components

ESPlay Micro ESPlay Micro x 1


Step 1: Power on With ESPlay Micro

Now I would like to share my first play with the ESPlay Micro.

It is only PCBA available, with the SD card, I can play a game as soon as power on. BTW, you can use a battery for the power supply or USB charger(there's a USB cable in the package).

I use a battery for power supply as the photo.

Step 2: Start to Play Game With ESPlay Micro

In the SD card, there're some default retro games in it, so I start playing with "Super Mario". It is easy to use, the function buttons are easy to understand, and I can start in 1 minute.

The whole project I think is very impressive, and you can choose games on NES, It could also play other systems too, like Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, and Coleco Vision. Also other systems but not bundle with ESPlay micro emu app, like Turbo Gfx, Atari, MSX. and DOS Game like Doom or Duke Nukem 3D. This board also supports Arduino and MicroPython.

This console supports MP3 music play. You will need an earphone or speaker with audio interface, to enjoy the game background music when playing games. or enjoy your music time with ESPlay Micro.

See the tutorial of how to add MP3 mold to ESPlay Micro:

Step 3: PCBA of ESPlay Micro

Now you can use it to play retro games like “Super Mario”, “ Contra”, “Battle City”, “ Maple Story”, etc.

You can get the prototype at Makerfabs:

And by now, there's not an outer case available, you can try with your talent and create a 3d printing case, I see there are 3D printing files on hackaday, but it seems the old version design, so the case doesn't perfectly match the PCBA button. I asked the designer and told me that he has updated the hardware and software recently, the board I got is the updated version. But the designer is haven't finished the new case design.

And Makerfabs is help on that, need some more time to make a reasonable solution.

So I need to wait...

Find hardware on Github:


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