Natthakit Kangsadansenanon is an architect / artist from Thailand. He is interested in incorporating the intelligence of the digital technologies into the existing objects of daily life. He begins his practice by looking around and finding an interesting object that has always been there, then he asks how could it be improved without destroying the existing relationship between it and its users. His goal is to make objects that are at once simple, artistic and imbued with a greater awareness of humanity. Natthakit’s work may, for example, integrate a sensor and an actuator into an existing product that we use in everyday life – such as chair. Traditionally, a chair can’t understand the moods or needs of its user when they come to sit: it is just a chair. But Natthakit is interested in how much the chair could come to know about its users, and how it could react accordingly, while retaining the simple relationship that people have when they take a seat. As technology becomes increasingly complex, and increasingly complex technology becomes ever more present in our daily lives, it is the challenge of maintaining this simplicity that is at the heart of all Natthakit’s designs.


Bangkok, Thailand