I was born in 1965 in the city of Uzhgorod in Ukraine. By nationality Hungarian. After graduating from high school, I entered the Faculty of Physics of Uzhgorod State University in 1989. In 1994, I defended my PhD thesis in physics on the topic “Low-frequency processes and temporal relaxation of dielectric properties in spontaneous polarized semiconductors”. In 1989 I was an engineer, in 1991 a junior researcher, in 1993 a research associate, and since 1994 a senior researcher at the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Solids at the UzhSU. Since 2009, Associate Professor of the Department of Semiconductor Physics. I give lectures on analog and digital electronics and microprocessor technology. For 10 years of work I have prepared more than 200 bachelors and magisters.


Uzhhorod National University


study of electrophysical properties of materials,  ultra-precise temperature control,  development of measuring systems for the study of ferroelectrics,  design of analog circuits,  design of digital systems,  design and programming of microprocessor systems