Waterproof Ds18b20 Kit

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Waterproof Ds18b20 Kit

Waterproof Ds18b20 Kit

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Temperature Sensor Development Tools Waterproof DS18B20 Kit


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This waterproof temperature sensor kit use DS18B20 probe AS .

It contains a probe with a resistor module. So it is easy to connect on the Arduino board.

  The DS18B20 temperature sensor provides 9 to 12-bit (configurable) temperature readings over a 1-Wire interface so that only one wire (and ground) needs to be connected from a central microprocessor. Compatible with 3.0-5.5V systems.


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If you want to make a simple water purifier, we recommend buying together with Gravity: Analog TDS Sensor/Meter for Arduino

ESP32 Bluetooth(BLE) Temperature Sensor

Tech Note 047 - DS18B20 High Quality Water Proof Sensor Brew Probe - WiFi Temperature Monitor

Type Selection of Temperature Sensors Name Gravity: I2C Non-contact IR Temperature Sensor For Arduino Gravity: Analog LM35 Temperature Sensor For Arduino Gravity: Waterproof DS18B20 Sensor Kit

Gravity: DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

Gravity: Analog High Temperature Sensor SKU SEN0226 DFR0023 KIT0021 DFR0024 SEN0198 Operating Voltage 3.3V/5V 3.3V/5V 3.0V~5.5V 3.3V~5V 3.3V~5.5V Operating Current 2.7μA 2.7μA 2.8μA Operating Temperature -40℃~85℃ -40℃~150℃ -55℃~125℃ -55℃~125℃ 30℃~350°C Range of temperature measurement 0℃~65℃ 0℃~100℃ -55℃~125℃ -55℃~125℃ -55℃~125℃ Precision of temperature measurement 0.01℃ 0.5℃ 0.5℃ 0.5℃ 0.5℃ Temperature deviation ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ ±0.5°C ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃ Dimension 30*22(mm) 30*22(mm) 33*22(mm) 22*32(mm) 42*32*18(mm) Interface Gravity-I2C Gravity-analog Gravity-digital Gravity-digital Gravity-digital Data type Digit Digit Digit (unibus) Digit (unibus) analog Price $8.80 $4.50 $8.00 $4.00 $16.00 Brief introduction

BMP280 Barometer sensor supports Arduino and can measure both temperature and atmospheric pressure.

It can be applied to enhance GPS navigation & coordinate with IMU sensor to realize indoor and outdoor navigation. Compared to the last generation BMP180 barometer sensor, it has a lower power consumption, higher resolution and higher sampling frequency.

Application: Enahnced GPS navigation (e.g.

time-to-first-fix improvement, dead-reckoning, slope detection) Indoor navigation (floor detection, elevator detection) Outdoor navigation, leisure and sports applications Weather forecast Health care applications (e.g.

spirometry) Vertical velocity indication (e.g.

rise/sink speed)

$A Temperature Sensor can be used to detect ambient air temperature, the output voltage is proportional to temperature. It has good linearity and high sensitivity.


Application:Medical treatments Personal controls Industrial controls Aeronautics and astronautics.

Waterproof temperature sensor DS18B20 is widely used in many fields, such as soil temperature measurement, hot tank temperature control etc.

It supports multipoint measurement.


Constant temperature control Industrial system Consumer electronics Thermistors Refrigerators Barns Tanks Telecommunication rooms Power communication rooms

Cables etc.

A Temperature Sensor can be used to detect ambient air temperature. It can be connect to three-wire in parallel to achieve multipoint temperature measurement.

Application: Constant temperature control Industrial system Consumer electronics Thermistors Refrigerators Barns Tanks Telecommunication rooms Power communication rooms Cables etc.

It used a PT100 resistance type high temperature probe to measure a temperature range between 30-350°C.

Application: Especially for high precision of temperature measurements. Medical treatments Motors Industrials Temperature counts Resistance counts

Name Gravity: i2C BMP280 Barometer Sensor Infrared Thermometer Module Gravity:SHT1x Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Gravity: DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor For Arduino

DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor SKU SEN0206 SEN0093 DFR0066 DFR0067 SEN0137 Operating Voltage 3.3V~5V 3V~5V 3.3V~5V 3.3V~5V +5V Operating Current 1.2mA 4mA~9mA 2μA 0.5mA~2.5mA 1.5mA Operating Temperature -40℃~125 ℃ -10℃~50℃ -40℃~128.8℃ 0℃~50℃ -20℃-80℃ Range of temperature measurement -70.01℃~382.19℃ -33℃~220℃ -40℃~128.8℃ 0℃~50℃ -40℃-80℃ Precision of temperature measurement 0.5℃ 2℃(full range) 0.5℃ 2℃ Temperature deviation ±0.5℃ ±0.6℃ ±0.4°C ±0.1℃ ±0.5℃ Dimension 31.5*18(mm) 12*13.7*35(mm) 32*27(mm) 22*32(mm) 22*32(mm) Interface Gravity-I2C Digitalx3 Gravity-2-wire digital Gravity-digital Gravity-digital Data type Digit Digit Digit (unibus) Digit (unibus) Digit (unibus) Range of humidity measurement NA NA 0-100%RH 20-90%RH 0-100%RH Humidity deviation NA NA ±4.5%RH ±5%RH ±2%RH Price $16.00 $49.00 $21.05 $5.20 $9.50 Brief introduction

non-contact measurement uses infra-red radiation to measure the temperature and does not require a direct touch.

Additionally, this method of measurement can be read quickly and accurately. This module has a FOV of 35° Wave length 5.5um-14um

Application: Environmental monitor

Home automation Automobile electronics

Airline industry


It is a long distance thermometer specially designed for a high sensitivity, high accuracy, low noise and low power consumption.

Wave length:5um-14um This module has a FOV of  26.6°x 2 = 53.2°


Medical equipment Fire alarm systems telecommunications

It consists of 1 capacitive humidity module and 1 energy gap temperature module, perfect integration of 1 14bit A/D converter and 1 2-wire digital interface.

CMOSens technology makes it of advantages such as low power consumption, fast response, strong anti-jamming capacity etc.


Medical equipment



Humidity regulator Dehumidifier

Tests and measurements


Automatically control

This sensor includes a resistive element and a sense of wet NTC temperature measuring devices. It has excellent quality, fast response, anti-interference ability and high cost performance advantages.

Its signal transmission distance up to 20 meters. These features make it a variety of applications and even the most demanding applications.


Application:Medical equipment HVACMeteorologyHumidity regulator Dehumidifier Tests and measurementsAutomobile Automatically control

It contains a resistive element and a sense of wet NTC temperature module. Compared to DHT11, it has smaller humidity deviation, faster response, stronger anti-interference ability and higher cost performance


Medical equipment HVAC

Meteorology Humidity regulator Dehumidifier

Tests and measurements Automobile Automatically control


  • Operating voltage: 3.0~ 5.5V
  • ±0.5°C Accuracy from -10°C to +85°C
  • Usable temperature range: -55 to 125°C (-67°F to +257°F)
  • 9 to 12 bit selectable resolution
  • Uses 1-Wire interface- requires only one digital pin for communication
  • Unique 64 bit ID burned into chip
  • Multiple sensors can share one pin
  • Temperature-limit alarm system
  • Query time is less than 750ms
  • 3 wires interface:
    • Type A
      • Red wire - VCC
      • Black wire - GND
      • Yellow wire - DATA
    • Type B 
      • Red wire - VCC
      • Yellow wire - GND
      • Green wire - DATA
  • Stainless steel tube 6mm diameter by 35mm(1.34") long
  • Cable diameter: 4mm(0.16")
  • Length: 90cm(35.43")
Waterproof Ds18b20 Kit
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